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2017 Lunar New Year Event Making a guide since we didn't do it last year even...

18617.png Edit the content then leave the image/screenshot and format to me. 994.png
18617.png Sorry I didn't reply to you. I don't mean to be rude 18606.png. I read all your talk.
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I will try the Adventurer's Guild again after the +25% EXP.

(07/29/2016) Print Screen

I print screen my whole desktop. RO Window mode, click desktop or anywhere, point the cursor to an NPC then PrintScreen.
If you use it ingame the quality of the image is low.

for the size of the image I usually use 250px × 150px.

something like this et5fo3.jpg

(07/30/2016) I use Photoshop. Here's my Photoshop file. Warning 13MB Dropbox


You got the wrong link. it should be this one