Valentine's Day Event (2013-02-12)~(2013-02-26)

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Fae Crossed Lovers

Valentine's Day Event (2013-02-12)~(2013-02-26)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Bouquet
1 Holy Water
Hunting: 20 Ferus, 20 Bewler
Base Experience: 75,000 (Non-VIP)
 ? (VIP)
Job Experience: 150,000 (Non-VIP)
225,000 (VIP)
Item(s): 2 Girl's Naivety
2 Boy's Pure Heart
  1. Talk to Hyllis in Comodo (66, 343) to start quest.
  2. Deposit her letter in the Mystical Mailbox, located in the Comodo Docks (205,70).
  3. Deliver a Bouquet (can be bought in Prontera, (56,182)) to Hyllis at the Incubus' request.
  4. Deposit a second letter in the Mystical Mailbox. Before doing so, it is recommended that you be prepared for survival at Aybss Lake Level 1 which is heavily populated by various dragons. This may be accomplished by either doing this quest as a party or having an existing party already at Abyss Lake Level 1 which you will join as soon as Lilith teleports you there.
  5. Lilith teleports you to Aybss Lake Level 1 where you need to find Alps (215, 146). He requests that you kill 20 Ferus and Bewler and meet him back in Comodo Casino(168, 104).
    valiquest04.png valiquest05.png
  6. Alps requests that you bring Holy Water to Hyllis.
  7. Return to Hyllis. You will be prompted to either dose Lilith, Alps, or yourself with Holy Water.
    • Picking Lilith gives you 2 Girl's Naivety and 2 Boy's Pure Heart, and gives you 225,000 exp
    • Picking Alps gives you 150,000 exp
    • Picking yourself warps you to Prontera, and gives you 75,000 exp
Note: Quest can be repeated daily
  • 12 hours cooldown time for VIP
  • 24 hours cooldown time for Non-VIP

Saving Valentine's

Valentine's Day Event (2013-02-12)~(2013-02-26)
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Love Wand
Item(s): Random Chocolate (see list)
-OR- 1 Sweet Valentine (Headgear)
  1. Talk to Valentine Wizard (120, 98) in Geffen.
  2. He will ask you to use the 5 Love Wand he gives you to turn the couples of Geffen back to their original form.
  3. Go around Geffen and find NPC Orc Ladies and talk to them, selecting to use the Love Wand on them. They will give you a reward at random.