Wanted to be Big and Beautiful

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Wanted to be Big and Beautiful
Base Level: 120
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Karvodailnirol, 1 Refined Bradium, 1 Rune of Darkness, 1 Bloody Rune
Quest Prerequisite(s): Step 6 of Encounter in a Strange Land
Base Experience: 400,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box, 5 Splendide Coins

Note: Although not a prerequisite to obtain the quest, You will need access to Eclage through Eclage Entrance Quest, Fairy Wing or a Warp Portal memo.

  1. Start the quest by talking to Wuhari in Eclage Eclage282255. Offer to help him and he will give the player a letter to take to his brother who is in prison.
  2. Head into the Eclage Plaza eclage299309 and take the portal going west (ecl_in01 8, 67) to head to the prison.
  3. Speak to the Eclage Guard to enter the prison. Keep talking to Wuhuru in the cell until he responds. Talk to him again and he will tell the player his story.
  4. Talk to the Guard to leave the prison and return to Wuhari. He will ask the player another favor.
  5. Speak with Masione in Eclage eclage200272 and talk to them about Wuhuru.
  6. Talk to Goatie eclage163228 telling them Masione sent you.
  7. Head south to Svery eclage170195 and ask him about Wuhuru.
  8. Return to Wuhari and give him the report. He says it will take time to look through the report. Return to him after 5 minutes.
  9. After the 5 minutes, Speak to Wuhari again and he will explain what the report contained. Offer to look for the Laphine.
  10. Return to Svery and ask him about the Laphine. He will direct you to his wife.
  11. Return to Goatie and ask her about the Laphine.
  12. Speak to Pompe eclage127151 and tell them Goatie sent you.
  13. Head to the Blooming Flower Land south of Eclage and talk to Giranni ecl_fild0170285.
  14. Search for A Laphine Corpse in the field ecl_fild01269165 and inspect it. The player will receive a Fancy Fairy Wing.
  15. Take the wing back to Giranni and receive 100,000 Base EXP and 1 Old Purple Box.
  16. Head back to the prison to see Wuhuru and tell him what was found.
  17. Return to Wuhari and tell him what has happened. He will ask that you bring him 1 Piece of Laphine Wing, 1 Firm Hair, 1 Karvodailnirol, 1 Refined Bradium, 1 Rune of Darkness and 1 Bloody Rune.
    • Return to Giranni and A Laphine Corpse to receive the wing and hair.
  18. Bring the items to Wuhari and receive 300,000 Base EXP and 5 Splendide Coins.