War of Emperium for Newbies

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Newbie WoE is a special edition of the War of Emperium system involving the addition of new castle group in Izlude. Talk to NPC (Izlude 130, 219) outside the Izlude Arena to be taken to map where the castles for nWoE are located (no Teleportation or /memo on that map). There is a single castle from each WoE 1 realm, being the exact copy of the original.

To enter nWoE, your character must be a non-rebirthed First Class job (no extended classes), and your base level must be below or equal 59.

Izlude Castles

Unknown Area (n_castle) Izlude castle Copy of
1 Дом Весны Payon 1
2 Дом Осени Geffen 1
3 Дом Лета Al De Baran 1
4 Дом Зимы Prontera 1

Battle System

The rules of battle are generally the same as in the original War of Emperium. All damage formulas and ally statuses are the same. The following additions are the main points of difference between the two.

  • Emperium's HP lowered from 68,000 to 25,000, and other Emperium stats lowered by half.
  • In order to gain benefit from nWoE castles, the guild leader must be able to enter nWoE (first class and 59 base level maximum).
  • It is possible to Urgent Call non-eligible characters, but this is prohibited by game rules.
  • On rRo, nWoE takes place at the same times as WoE 1.


  • nWoE was implemented on ruRO June 21, 2006.
  • It was said that nWoE on rRo would be implemented for testing before a worldwide release, yet so far no other servers have the system.