Howling Mine

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Howling Mine.png Howling Mine
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 40 + (Skill Level × 5)
Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: [5.5 − (Skill Level × 0.5)] seconds
Duration: 30 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: (Skill Level + 6) cells
Area of Effect:  ?x?
Status: Burning
Catalyst: 1 Grenade Launcher
Weapon: Grenade Launcher
(Gunslinger) Spread Shot Lv. 1

Howling Mine (Alt: Howling Mine) is an Expanded 2nd class offensive skill available as Rebel.


Fire a sticky bomb at the target to deal damage. If the caster uses Flicker, Howling Mine will detonate on the target, dealing the fire damage to the target and all enemies in range.

Howling mine can only be detonated with Flicker. If the Howling Mine is not detonated for a certain duration, it will fall off from the target. Targets damaged by the Howling Mine will be inflicted with Burning status at a chance.

Level Damage (ATK) Explosion Damage (ATK) Range Cooldown SP Cost
1 400% 800% 7 5.0s 45
2 600% 1,100% 8 4.5s 50
3 800% 1,400% 9 4.0s 55
4 1,000% 1,700% 10 3.5s 60
5 1,200% 2,000% 11 3.0s 65