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2011 Valentine's Day Event

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The Trials of Astrild

2011 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Red Frame, 1 Bouquet, 5 Flower, 1 Awakening Potion (Males), 1 Ribbon (Females), 1 Holy Water (from Khurt)
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Munak Egg (Males) or 1 Bongun Egg (Females)
Base Experience: 750,000
Item(s): 3 No Recipient and 1 Punisher (Males) or
3 Her Heart and 1 Grave Keeper's Sword (Females)
  1. Go to the Southwest Prontera Pub prontera4567.
  2. Talk to Rosemary.
  3. Bring her a Red Frame (npc buyable). Receive (25,000) Base EXP.
  4. Bring a Bouquet to the graveyard beyond the Prontera Church. Talk to Wayne prontera251356 and receive (25,000) Base EXP.
  5. Travel to Geffen and talk to Miki (119, 128) and give her 5 Flower and receive (25,000) Base EXP.
    • For male characters, travel to Archer Village and find Habwey pay_arche14736 and give him an Awakening Potion. Receive (25,000) Base EXP and 3 No Recipient (Munak tames).
    • For female characters, travel to Prontera and find Jeini inside the east Prontera library prontera192265 and give her 1 Ribbon. Receive (25,000) Base EXP and 3 Her Heart (Bongun tames).
  6. Tame a Munak (for male characters) or Bongun (for female characters) and bring it to Chee Joo in the Payon Central Palace payon156247.
    • Note: You do not need to actually tame the monster to continue the quest, but you do need an egg.
  7. Bring the Munak or Bongun egg to the Priest and receive (25,000) Base EXP.
  8. Travel to Payon Dungeon (pay_dun03 73, 70) and find Khurt to receive a Holy Water and (25,000) Base EXP.
  9. Return to the Payon Castle and show him the Holy Water. Note: You must have the Munak or Bongun Egg with you or the NPC will take the Holy Water. Receive 600,000 Base EXP in 6 bursts and a Grave Keeper's Sword (female) or Punisher (male).
2011 Valentine's Day Event
Base Level: None
Zeny: 1,000
Base Experience: 2,000 (repeatable)
Job Experience: 1,000 (repeatable)
Item(s): Varies

The Missing Brother

  1. Offer to help YiJinha in Payon at 164,204.
    Valentines YiJinha.jpg
  2. He asks you to search for his brother YiSeryu in Prontera.
  3. Speak with Shocola Bassinio in Prontera at 120,52 and select Talk. She tells you that YiSeryu went to Umbala.
    Valentines Shocola.jpg
  4. In Umbala find Breid at 72, 171. He tells you that Seryu took the boat from Izlude to Pharos Lighthouse, and that he wanted to see 'Coco Beach'.
    Valentines Breid.jpg
  5. At Pharos Lighthouse, speak to the Kid at 114, 109. He tells you that he saw the captain of the boat give Seryu directions. Reward him with 1,000 zeny in order to continue the quest.
    Valentines Kid.jpg
  6. Speak to the captain of the boat at Izlude 177, 188. Ask him about YiSeryu then about Paros. Talk to him several more times.
    Valentines Captain.jpg
  7. Go to Fortress Saint Darmain (south) (cmd_fild09 106, 195). The password to enter the building is Aragham never hoarded upgrade items.
    Aragham Jr.jpg
  8. Inside the building (258, 61), speak to YiSeryu. He tells you that he can't leave and to go hunt cacaos.
    Valentines YiSeryu.jpg
  9. Return to Breid in Umbala and Chat. He gives you 10 Cacao to deliver to Shocola.
  10. Shocola thanks you for the delivery and tells you to let Jinha know his brother is safe.
  11. Return to Jinha in Payon and let him know the good news. He rewards you with 10 Egg and 10 Flour.
  12. The player is now able to ask NPCs for part time jobs delivering things and Shocola will now sell Chocolate (2000 zeny) and White Chocolate (4000 zeny).

Part Time Jobs

The part time jobs can be repeated as many times as the player wishes. However, once the player starts a job, they need to finish it before anyone else will given them a new job.

If your delivery needs to be made to Arles in Juno, you'll be given a Free Ticket for Flyship. Deliveries to Shocola will include a Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation


  1. Ask YiJinha for a part time job. He gives the player 5 Egg and 5 Flour to deliver to Arles in Juno or Shocola in Prontera.
  2. Speak to Arles and select Delivery!, he will thank the player and send them back to YiJinha.
  3. YiJinha will reward the player with their choice of:
    • 2,000 Base Experience and 1,000 Job Experience
    • 4 Egg and 4 Flour


  1. Ask Shocola for a part time job. She gives the player 2 Chocolate to deliver to Arles in Juno.
  2. Speak to Arles and select Delivery!, he will thank the player and send them back to Shocola.
  3. Shocola will reward the player with their choice of:
    • 2,000 Base Experience and 1,000 Job Experience
    • 1 Chocolate


  1. Ask Breid for a part time job. He gives the player Cacao to deliver to either Arles in Juno or Shocola in Prontera.
  2. Speak to Arles and select Delivery!, he will thank the player and send them back to Breid. Or Speak to Shocola and select Part Time Job, she will thank the player and send them back to Breid.
  3. Breid will reward the player with their choice of:
    • 2,000 Base Experience and 1,000 Job Experience
    • 10 Cacao Bean

Chocolate Deliveries

  1. Speak to Arles inside the building located at Juno 197, 89. Select Talk followed by I want to do something fun!
    Valentines Arles.jpg
  2. He asks the player to deliver a few chocolates and personalized notes for him.
  3. The first delivery is to Sylbegh in Al De Baran at 238, 164. The note for him begins with Lee Hester's gained weight again.
    Valentines Sylbegh.jpg
  4. The 2nd delivery is to Futark inside the Geffen Inn. Futark's note begins with To the great, honorable mage...
    Valentines Futark.jpg
  5. The final delivery is to Breid in Umbala (72, 171); Breids note begins with I'm sorry...
  6. Return to Arles and he will reward the player with several recipes.

The Chocolate Thief

  1. With a Chocolate Strawberry and Chocolate Tart in your inventory, talk to Saneva inside Payon Inn.
    Valentines Saneva.jpg
  2. She will dig through your inventory, steal your chocolate treats, and kick you out of the building.
  3. Go back inside and talk to her again. She apologizes and explains that she needs the chocolate treats to give to YiSeryu.
  4. Male characters will then be required to deliver the chocolates to YiSeryu. (Females can ignore this step)
  5. Talk to Saneva again and she will offer to make Fierce Cacao 99% if the player brings 99 Cacao Beans and 1 Milk. Fierce Cacao 99% restores roughly 2x the HP of a normal white potion.

Cooking Chocolate Treats

After collecting recipes from Arles, players can cook various chocolate treats at one of two kitchens. Chocolate Strawberries cast level 5 Blessing and Chocolate Tarts cast level 5 Angelus.

Making mistakes in the cooking process may result in Cute Strawberry-Choco (restores some SP), Lovely Choco-Tart (restores a moderate amount of HP) or Junky Chocolate (restores small amount of SP with a chance to inflict Poison status on yourself). The latter three do not grant any buffs.

Players can also create more recipes by bringing Arles 2 Blue Gemstone and 1 Feather of Birds

Juno Kitchen Payon Kitchen
Valentines Juno Kitchen.jpg Valentines Payon Kitchen.jpg
Item Ingredients Directions Town (Juno or Payon)
573.png Chocolate Drink
7718.png 30 Cacao Bean
519.png 2 Milk
558.png 4 Chocolate
None needed Juno
12235.png Chocolate Strawberry
561.png 1 White Chocolate
578.png 2 Strawberry
558.png 1 Chocolate
use Barely Simmering water
Hold By Stem to dip strawberry
Stick Toothpick into strawberry
12236.png Chocolate Tart
558.png 3 Chocolate
7604.png 1 Flour
519.png 3 Milk
574.png 1 Egg
523.png 1 Holy Water
soften butter at Room Tempeture
Sift the flour
Add Egg Yolk
melt in Double Boiler with Holy Water
559.png Hand-made Chocolate
558.png 5 Chocolate
519.png 1 Milk
Finely Chop chocolate
use Moderate Heat
560.png Handmade White Chocolate
561.png 5 White Chocolate
519.png 1 Milk