Halloween Event (2013)

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Halloween Event (2013)
Base Level: None?
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Organic Pumpkins
Item(s): Costume: Whisper Mask, Various items
Event Notice

Main Quest

  1. Speak to Suspicious coffin in Prontera (156, 134)
  2. He will ask you to collect 30 Organic Pumpkin From Organic Jakk. The Jakks spawn on many fields and dungeons.
  3. After collecting 30 pumpkins talk to Blasphemous Alex in Nifflheim (181, 173)
  4. On the first time you will be rewarded with a Costume: Whisper Mask with Flee +20 until December 4, 2013.
NOTE: You can get warped to Nifflheim for 1,000z by talking to a Bathory in Eden Group Kitchen (moc_para01 174, 33) (click on Bathory's shadow)

Repeatable Quest

  1. Returning to Blasphemous Alex with an additional 30 Organic Pumpkin will reward you with random materials or consumables.

Repeatable Rewards:

929.png 30 Immortal Heart
1061.png 30 Witch Starsand
713.png 30 Empty Bottle
970.png 30 Alcohol
972.png 30 Karvodailnirol
1059.png 30 Fabric
905.png 30 Stem
7033.png 30 Poison Spore
12016.png 5 Speed Potion
558.png 5 Chocolate
12414.png 5 Guarana Candy
608.png 5 Yggdrasil Seed
603.png 1 Old Blue Box
616.png 1 Old Card Album
617.png 1 Old Purple Box


Halloween Event (2013)
Base Level: 50
Party: None (Priests may want to bring a killing class)
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Trap
Item(s): Gozarian Mask

Quest is the same as the 2011 Halloween Event except for no exp reward, just the Gozarian Mask for reward.