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IRO 8th Anniversary Event

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IRO 8th Anniversary Event
Base Level: 70
Party: A Mage-type (in lieu of Red Gemstones),

Thief-type (to pick the desk lock) Acolyte-type character (in lieu of Blue and Yellow Gemstones)

Item(s) (Consumed): 1 13150.png Branch [3]

10 13202.png Bloody Shells
50 716.png Red Gemstones (if no Mage-type Party member)
60 717.png Blue Gemstones (if no Acolyte-type Party member)
50 715.png Yellow Gemstones (if no Acolyte-type Party member)

Hunting: 60 Mi Gao Guardians and 40 Mantis Guardians
Base Experience: 1,125,000~1,875,000 (VIP) -OR- 750,000~1,250,000 (Non-VIP)
Job Experience: 375,000~750,000 (VIP) -OR- 250,000~500,000 (Non-VIP)
Item(s): 18580.png Yggdrasil Crown

3 608.png Yggdrasil Seed
603.png Old Blue Box
Dream Scroll
Ancient Key
200,000 zeny (if chosen instead of experience)

  • Note: While doing the quest with a party including the recommended characters is beneficial, it can be completed solo.
  1. Talk to the Old Man in east Prontera prontera246233.
  2. Go to the building marked on your mini-map prontera263278.
  3. Talk to the assistant, Zella. prt_in23041.
  4. Talk to the assistant again. The answer to the riddle is "rosebud".
  5. With 10 13202.png Bloody Shells and 1 13150.png Branch [3] in your inventory, talk to Einrich in Alberta alberta11756.
    • Bloody Shells and Branch [3] can be purchased from the trading merchant in Alberta at alberta101153.
    • Upon giving Einrich the shells and a Branch [3], you will receive an 603.png Old Blue Box and be sent to Louyang.
    • If you are soloing this quest as a non-Mage/Priest character, don't forget to pick up the gemstones before you leave - You can only buy Blue Gemstones from the Magic Shop in Geffen, but you can convert these gemstones into other colours using the NPC in Payon, Jade at (173,238). Buy 360 Blue Gemstones from the Magic Shop in Geffen - Save 60 for the quest, convert 300 Blue into 150 Red Gemstones and then convert 100 Red into 50 Yellow Gemstones. All done and ready to continue!
  6. Go to Louyang and in town louyang22469 talk to the Dig Site Leader. He requests your help in killing 40 Mantis and 60 Mi Gao (The Mantis' have roughly the same HP as normal, the Mi Gaos have 20,000 HP and are level 95) and warps you to a special version of the map, Louyang Excavation Site (louyang_e).
    • Warning: Although louyang_e looks like a "town" map, EXP loss occurs on death.
  7. Talk to the Dig Site Leader and he will tell you to go to the artifact. (You will need a Mage or 50 716.png Red Gemstones) Only one person has to do this. Your quest log will give no indication that it is done when someone else in the party does it, but you WILL be allowed to advance.
  8. Return to the Dig Site Leader after talking to the artifact and he will send you to Ayothaya.
  9. Once in Ayothaya, talk to the dig site leader and he will tell you to heal 3 workers and then talk to the Princess located in the northern part of the map. (You will need blue gem stones or a Priest to heal the workers. An item that allows usage of the Heal Skill, such as a Healing Clip can be used as well.)
    • Warning: Although ayothaya_e looks like a "town" map, EXP loss occurs on death.
  10. The first worker is at (155,111), the second is dying at (141,149), and the last worker is barely clinging to life at (247,180). Only the Priest needs to do all the healing, others in the party may just follow.
  11. After healing all 3 workers, talk to the Princess in the north part of the map ayothaya_e207278 and she will tell you to go talk to the artifact to the west as marked on your map.
  12. You will need a Acoyle-class character for this artifact. (50 715.png Yellow Gemstones can be used as well). Return to the Princess and she will send you to Kunlun.
    • Note: Lex Divina is not required as a skill. Being of Acolyte Class is enough.
  13. Talk to the Dig Site Leader next to the Kafra in Kunlun kunlun151130 and head to the Dug-up Rune to the southwest kunlun3891, marked on your map. You will be sent to Memory of Morroc (morocc_mem).
  14. In the "dream world" head north and enter the building in the middle of the town. Walk down the path (not entering side rooms) and enter a room with a desk.
  15. Click on the desk and choose to pick the lock repeatedly until you receive the Dream Scroll (A Thief class will pick it in one attempt). As long as one party member picks the lock, it will count for all party members.
  16. Go outside and talk to one of the sleeping workers to go back to Kunlun. Talk to the dig site leader to receive your third shard.
  17. He will tell you that you can turn it into either Einrich in Alberta or Zella in Prontera.
  18. Einrich will give you 200,000 Zeny, while Zella in Prontera will give you 500,000 Base EXP and 250,000 Job EXP.
  19. Both NPCs will give you an Ancient Key that allows access to old Payon through the "Poring Island" map (pay_fild04) two maps south and one map east of Prontera. The entrance is located in the middle island in the form of a bulletin board located at (254, 195).
  20. Once inside old Payon, head north and talk to the Runestone located at (100, 100) to complete the quest and receive:


This page content info about Temporary Event Quest that require a player to kill a certains amount of monsters in exchange for EXP. Non - VIP accounts can participate in the Orc Village quests if they use a Reset Stone or if they have a +7 Yggdrasil Crown.

  • Note: Each quest is repeatable so long as the player remains within the level limits.
  • Note: Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count!


NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Amount Base EXP Reward (Kills) Job EXP Reward (Kills)
Derk Novitze (gef_fild14 xx, yy) 70 99 Orc Archer 100
60,852 (100)
121,704 (200)
91,278 (100 VIP)
182,556 (200 VIP)
76,560 (100)
153,120 (200)
114,840 (100 VIP)
229,680 (200 VIP)
Jason Childs (gef_fild14 xx, yy) 70 99 High Orc 100
72,468 (100)
144,936 (200)
108,702 (100 VIP)
217,404 (200 VIP)
76,428 (100)
152,856 (200)
114,642 (100 VIP)
229,284 (200 VIP)

Magma Dungeon

NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Amount Base EXP Reward (Kills) Job EXP Reward (Kills)
Deleter Hunter (mag_dun02 xx, yy) 95 120 Ground Deleter 100
?? (VIP) (100)
?? (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
311,652 (VIP)(200)
Nightmare Terror Hunter (mag_dun02 xx, yy) 95 120 Nightmare Terror 100
108,702 (VIP) (100)
?? (200)
114,642 (VIP) (100)
229,284 (VIP)(200)

Holy Ground

NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Amount Base EXP Reward (Kills) Job EXP Reward (Kills)
Fitz (ra_san01 143, 18) 105 135 Isilla 100
 ??? (100)
684,288 (VIP) (200)
 ??? (100)
513,216 (VIP) (200)
Ulrich (ra_san01 136, 18) 105 135 Vanberk 100
 ??? (100)
641,520 (VIP) (200)
 ??? (100)
481,140 (VIP) (200)
Stein (ra_san03 207, 89) 105 135 Hodremlin 100
 ??? (100)
744,084 (VIP) (200)
 ??? (100)
557,964 (VIP) (200)
Robert (ra_san05 154, 31) 105 135 Agav 100
 ??? (100)
??? (200)
 ??? (100)
??? (200)

Somatology Laboratory

NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Amount Base EXP Reward (Kills) Job EXP Reward (Kills)
Mage Hunter (lhz_dun02 214, 58) 125 150 Laurell Weinder 100
?? (VIP) (100)
891,000 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
886,248 (VIP) (200)
Merchant Hunter (lhz_dun02 210, 56) 125 150 Armeyer Dinze 100
?? (VIP) (100)
969,012 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
971,784 (VIP) (200)
Swordman Hunter (lhz_dun02 208, 54) 125 150 Egnigem Cenia 100
?? (VIP) (100)
1,035,144 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
883,080 (VIP) (200)
Acolyte Hunter (lhz_dun02 219, 58) 125 150 Errende Ebecee 100
?? (VIP) (100)
962,280 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
899,712 (VIP) (200)
Archer Hunter (lhz_dun02 221, 56) 125 150 Kavach Icarus 100
?? (VIP) (100)
1,010,196 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
846,648 (VIP) (200)
Thief Hunter (lhz_dun02 223, 54) 125 150 Wickebine Tres 100
?? (VIP) (100)
1,008,612 (VIP) (200)
?? (VIP) (100)
934,560 (VIP) (200)

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