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This page will no longer apply once the merge is complete but we'll edit it some and keep it around for historical purposes.

About Ragnarok RE:START

Experience the nostalgia of the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online with Ragnarok RE:START! iRO takes us back in time to 2003 on their first Progression Server. Experience new content and updates just like the first time! Craft your character as the world evolves by returning to Rune Midgard to party with friends and explore the world with new eyes.

Start off in the training grounds that have seen millions of novices launch their lifetime of adventure. Take pets out for a walk through lush forests to creepy ruins or even to the bottom of the ocean! Hunt the deadliest of creatures for fun and profit! Quest and learn the lore and history of Midgard! All while collecting a multitude of cute hats and powerful equipment to achieve that perfect look. Customize your gear and stats for your personal playstyle. Join the player driven economy where those with good business sense can increase their zeny stockpile selling and purchasing those rare items from other adventurers.

With the full suite of convenience features such as RODEX and Achievements, players will find that it is easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and compete with others to be the best adventurer in the realm. Every month Ragnarok RE:START servers take one step closer to the Ragnarok Online of today, as new dungeons, monsters, and episodes come into play!

What to expect at launch

  • Only 2-1 Classes will be available
  • Comodo Era Spawn Locations
  • Monster drops are not correct to the era, strawberries and such will drop.

Game Mechanics

  • Classic
    • Classic EXP Table (Unconfirmed, a rumor is floating about it being 250mil exp for 98->99 on thRO's RevoClassic Server but they may have changed theirs for battle manual profits. **WarpPortal has not disclosed their exp tables yet)
    • EXP from monsters is static and uses classic DB
    • Monster HP is from Classic's DB
    • RESTART Field Spawns
  • Renewal
    • Element damage tables
    • ATK/mATK
    • Hit/Flee with a sight change. To get the proper hit/flee [(renewal monster level) - (classic monster level) = X] and then [(Renewal Flee or hit) - (X) = (Restart hit/flee)]
    • Defense
    • Healing equation
    • Cast Times (Modified to remove FIXED cast)
    • Gear/Weapon Refines (pass +10 upgrade)
    • Monster Drop (e.g Strawberry)


Mechanics Difference of Classic and Renewal

  1. You won't be limited to hunting monsters that are your own level like you would be in Renewal. No matter what level you are, you will get the same EXP from killing a Poring, Spore, or any other monster.
    • This also means if you are able to kill difficult, high exp monsters when you are the lower level you have the potential to level faster than you would in renewal. However, the EXP table hits a sharp curve at the higher levels and continues getting worse... going up exponentially at 95+
  2. Leveling becomes more "Static" than Renewal since once you become effective at killing in the highest yield exp area, you aren't forced to move around.
    • If at level 70 you can kill whatever is the best exp/hour map of your class, you can expect to be stuck there until 99.
  3. Classic players will find themselves wanting to upgrade their weapons to higher ATK and mATK weapons rather than looking for the weapon with the most slots. Cards damage calculation for renewal is a huge change.
    • You can check out the info on the iROWiki renewal wiki if you want to see the calculations. Essentially, the ATK/mATK is the primary contributor to damage and cards only effect that now, not overall damage.
  4. ATK/mATK based gear becomes more important than int/dex/str in most cases.
    • Example: Slotted Bow Thimbles would be more desirable than Slotted Gloves for archer types since they no longer need to hit "Dex bonuses" found in classic calculation.
  5. Defense on an item is not as strong as it is in classic. While equipping npc gears for basic defense early on is helpful, the model of +20 gear was made for renewal to expand the difficulty of getting very high hard defense. Campitor on WarpPortal confirmed that getting above +10 will be possible.
  6. Shadow element armor from Bathory Card is not as useful as it once was for classic players, it no longer blocks status effects.
  7. Healing will feel greatly nerfed to classic players. Not only does healing require mATK weapons to improve effectiveness, but it doesn't gain as much boost from INT as Classic. On the bright side, you won't have to wait for certain level+int milestones to obtain larger heals. Each int adds more effectiveness.
  8. Using renewal's hit/flee mechanic has kinda been awkward. I'm seeing a lot more "miss" on attacks vs things I should be able to easily hit on a classic server. However, I'm also not being HIT as much as I would be with classic mechanics. Flee has a better calculation for renewal, but the hit requirements of Renewal just doesn't fit some monsters quite right.
  9. Magic users (people with cast times in general) will be a lot weaker than they were in classic. While mages get the boost of bolts being cast much faster, reaching instant cast will be impossible, even at 150 dex. The fixed cast time found in traditional Renewal has been removed for the time being, making it possible to get faster casting than you would see on Renewal with the same amount of dex, but it is still not wise to max dex on a caster assuming you'll eventually be able to cast instantly. Cast speed also is effected by int+dex in this equation.


  1. What is Ragnarok RE:START?
    • Ragnarok RE:START is a special server that will launch with game content only consisting of the Rune Midgard Kingdom. Over time, each future episode will be released onto the server. This allows players to enjoy the game content as it evolved over time.
  2. What content is on the server?
    • Ragnarok RE:START will launch with only the Rune Midgard kingdom. The merchants of Prontera, Payon, Morocc, Alberta, and Geffen will all be ready and waiting to do business with adventurers of all types.
  3. Will there be an Item Mall?
    • Yes! The Ragnarok RE:START item mall will offer a variety of cosmetic items, consumables, and other useful items. Almost everything available in the item mall can also be earned through game play.
  4. Why do I need a new account?
    • Ragnarok RE:START is a new kind of server with its own unique settings and systems, and we are treating it as a whole new game. A new account is required so we can bring a unique experience with its own item mall and pricing schemes.
  5. What happened to my old characters?
    • Characters made on previous servers still exist, but they will not be playable on or transferable to Ragnarok RE:START. However if you are looking for them and you previously played on iRO, your characters should still exist on their servers! Just head on over to either Chaos, Thor, or Classic Loki using the normal client download and installation links.
  6. Will there be other servers?
    • Currently there are no plans to launch other progression servers. However, if Ragnarok RE:START is popular, we may end up launching a new server in the future.
  7. What is VIP?
    • VIP is a paid subscription service that boosts your play experience with Ragnarok RE:START. Accounts with an active VIP subscription receive boosts such as extra experience points, increased item drop rate, reduced death penalty, increased storage, special item exchange systems, and much more.
  8. How long will the server last?
    • The first RE:START server will receive monthly updates as it approaches the Ragnarok of today. There are no plans to merge or close this server down.
  9. How is the gameplay different from the existing servers?
    • Ragnarok RE:START removes the level difference penalty from Renewal and rebalances all first and second class skills after cast delay timers. Most monsters are returned to their pre-Renewal spawn locations and statistics. Lastly - Izlude, Alberta, Prontera, and Morroc cities have not yet undergone their drastic changes.
  10. What are the game mechanics?
    • Ragnarok RE:START uses renewal damage and defense formulas.
  11. Who can play?
    • Generally any one who can currently register and play iRO will be able to register a Ragnarok Online RE:START account. However, unfortunately due to our obligations with overseas partners, users registering from the Philippines will not be to create new Ragnarok Online RE:START accounts.
  12. When can I play?
    • Users may begin playing around 5:30pm on 6/27/2017 as part of our Headstart event! The server will officially launch on 7/5/2017
  13. What will the refine system be like?
    • We will be using the current refine rates. Refinement items such as ore will be available from both the cash shop and in game activity.
  14. Can items be refined beyond 10?
    • Yes.
  15. What will be the sources of MVP Cards?
    • From game play only.
  16. What is the update schedule.?
    • We will be following a very similar update path to the "REVO-Classic" style servers.