Taekwon Mission

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Taekwon Mission.png Taekwon Mission
Taekwon Mission Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 10
Fixed Cast Time: 1 second
Target: Self
(TaeKwon Kid) Kihop Lv. 5

Taekwon Mission (Alt: TaeKwon Mission) is an Expanded class active skill available as and only as TaeKwon Kid. If the player has promoted to TaeKwon Master or Soul Linker, this skill is no longer usable.


Assigns a random monster as the current Mission Target. If the target is killed 100 times (does not have to be consecutive), the player will be awarded with 1 Fame Point and a new random monster will be assigned as the next Mission Target. The assigned monster will never be an MVP but can be a Mini Boss.


  • If there already is an assigned Mission Target and its Target Percent is still at 0% (no monster killed yet), each cast has an 1% chance of reassigning a new Mission Target randomly.
  • If the Mission Target is "Goblin", any monster called "Goblin" will count toward the current Mission (all five Goblins will count, but not Goblin Steamrider)

Fame System

TaeKwon ranks can be checked via prompt of the /taekwon command ingame. TaeKwon Kids who are in the top ten list and are over Level 90 will have their Max HP and Max SP tripled and will be able to use all of the TaeKwon Kid skills. TaeKwon Rankers can perform an infinite combo of all four kicks, but they must prepare the stance of at least one of said kicks and spam the hotkeys when it triggers. Also, the kicks must be alternated; performing the same kick twice in a row ends the spam. The exception to this is Flying Kick, which cannot be used to continue a kick combo (but can be used infinitely without stance activation, as usual).