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The Littlest Isis

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The Littlest Isis
Base Level: None
Base Experience: 500,000 (Non-VIP)
Job Experience: 500,000 (Non-VIP)
Item(s): 5 Red Envelope, 5 Red Envelope, 5 Armlet of Obedience
  1. Talk to the Mysterious Curio Dealer in Prontera (102, 94) He will send you to Pharos, Beacon Island
  2. The Worried Guardsman (73, 121) will tell of a snake that attacked his ship and recommend you look for it to the North
  3. Upon finding the Isis (Mia) at (58, 274) she will ask for your help finding a fortune teller.
  4. Madam Leota at (229, 131) will ask you to kill 10 Ragglers and 5 Crabs
  5. After killing the monsters speak to Madam Leota again. She will comment that she wishes to build a 4 star restaurant and ask for zeny. Give her 1,000 zeny to earn a fortune for Mia.
  6. Madam Leota will send you to Comodo to find the Fortuna Operative
  7. The Fortuna Operative at Comodo (185, 164) has a new home for Mia. Mia will ask you to meet her there.
    • NOTE: The Fortuna Operative is only viewable from some camera angles, rotating the camera will reveal her.
  8. Go inside the building at Comodo (145, 324) and Mia will thank you for your help and give Base Experience, Job Experience, 5 Red Envelope, 5 Red Envelope, and 5 Armlet of Obedience as a reward.