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Gender Male
Server iRO Chaos
Accounts 3
Current Status Retired
Cute Pet o' Dreams Mavka
Fav. Homunculus Lif
Fav. Gaming Genres Platforming, RPG, Metroidvania

Oh, hi! I was once an active player from iRO Valkyrie (now iRO Chaos), but since 2014 I'm pretty much retired, from RO. Unfortunately, I have a life, so my time here is rather sporadic, and incredibly unpredictable. Also, I'm still learning English, so if the grammar is an issue during my edits, you can either tell me or fix it if deemed necessary. If you do the latter, may you let me know about the mistake?

Wiki stuff

You can see my contributions here, if you want. If you think there were too many contributions or something... Let's say I was kinda compulsive; if I either found a page which I felt like I could edit, forgot something after editing a page, or edited something that causes an "edit chain" for consistency, I edited the page right away. Just not anymore since not only I'm so out of the loop, but I have the impression that iRO is in shambles.

I'm kinda picky. This is the reason why I neither create or use Userboxes. The green box I created here is based from the design used in most Bulbapedia boxes, which rounded form is something I found very neat.

Inconsistencies, I hate'em. I also don't like when pages (instead Discussions) seem like they got blatant Natter added in. And I'm not very fond of "2nd person" speech in articles. I support the "3rd person" or "neutral" speeches. Sounds kinda complicated, doesn't it?


Over the time, I've been learning about wiki tables and CSS. It's extremely useful, you know.

As some people may have seen here, I'm rather good at using sprites. However, using sprites and editing them are very diferent things. If there is an article which requires a new sprite or something, I can do it.