Archer Training Quest

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Archer Training Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Job Class: Archer
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 962.png Tentacle

1 991.png Crystal Blue
5 1032.png Maneater Blossom
20 906.png Stem 10 940.png Grasshopper's Leg

Base Experience: ?
Job Experience: ?
Item(s): 100 1752.png Fire Arrow

This quest is currently bugged on iRO chaos, as the Acolyte npc isn't implemented on step 15.

1. After you job change to Archer, talk to the bard named Jet next to the Archer job change NPC.

2. He'll ask you to make up a joke. Select "A joke, eh?" and click OK.

3. He then mentions he's a member of the Archer's Guild 'Icarus' which is to the left of the job change office.

4. Leave the Archer job change office and head to the building to the left of it Archer Village (pay_arche 96,168).

5. Go inside the building and talk to Master Kavaruk.

6. Select the option "Talk about Archers." and click OK.

  • Note: If you ask about recent news, he may direct you to the Alchemist Guildsman (See next section below. Recommended to do last). If he asks you to assist Arthail, go to step 20.

7. Master Kavaruk will tell you to go talk to Seisner. Seisner is located in Archer Village (pay_arche 83,138) which is directly in front of the Archer Village tool shop.

8. Talk to Seisner until she tells you to go back to Master Kavaruk.

9. Go back to Master Kavaruk and select the option "Talk about Archers." He'll then direct you to Reidin Corse who's located right outside of the Icarus building Archer Village (pay_arche 103,164).

10. When you talk to Reidin Corse, he wants you to call him Chief before he teach you about archers. Whatever options that pops up, select the response that says Chief.

11. Your first task with Reidin Corse is to get your Owl's Eye to level 3 before coming back to talk to him. He'll tell you to go to a map which is 2 south and 1 west of Prontera. Talk to him again and he'll automatically send you to Prontera. (In Renewal, he will send you to Morroc directly.)

12. When you get your Owl's Eye to level 3, go back and talk to Reidin Corse. He'll then talk about the Vulture's Eye skill. He'll ask you what comes to you when you hear the word vulture. The option does not matter.

13. He'll then ask you to go and kill Mandragoras at Mt. Mjornir and will give you 300 1752.png Fire Arrow. He will teleport you to Geffen. Make sure when you job level up to get Vulture's Eye.

14. When you talk to Reidin Corse again, he'll give you a midterm exam. He'll ask for 10 962.png Tentacle and 1 991.png Crystal Blue. He'll tell you to go to Byalan to obtain those items. Once you get the Tentacles and Crystal Blue, talk to Reidin Corse again. (In Renewal, he will ask you to go to Prontera to hunt Rockers for 940.png Grasshopper's Leg, which is 1 map south and 1 map west (prt_fild07).

15. This time, he'll give you another exam. He'll ask you to get him 5 1032.png Maneater Blossom and 20 906.png Stem from Mt. Mjolnir. He'll mention a friend (Acolyte) who can assist you there. Talk to him again to get a direct teleport to the map he wishes you to gather the items. His friend is the acolyte that's in the map. He'll also give you a 602.png Butterfly Wing so once you finish collecting the items, just use the Butterfly Wing to warp yourself back to Payon.

16. After you show Reidin Corse the Maneater Blossom and Stem, he'll tell you to go talk to Master Kavaruk.

17. Talk to Master Kavaruk and select the option "Talk about Archers." He'll say that you're great as you are now.

18. Talk to Master Kavaruk again and this time, select the option "Ask about recent news."

19. He ask if you can find Arthail of the wind who's somewhere in Prontera and assist Arthail then come back to him.

  • Note: If Master Kavaruk did not ask you to assist Arthail, instead you got him talking about about the troubles the Alchemist Guild has, just talk to Master Kavaruk again and select the option "Ask about recent news." You can assist the Alchemist Guild later if you would like.

20. Go to Prontera and find Arthail (prontera 127,335). He's just to the left of the North Kafra near the water surrounding the castle.

21. Talk to Arthail and he'll ask you to go to the central plaza fountain of Prontera to gather information and bring the information to him.

22. Talk to the New Guild Master in Prontera (prontera 166,281). He's southeast of the hand monument, which is north of the fountain.

23. After talking to the New Guild Master, go talk to the NPC called Mage located in Prontera (prontera 145,301) which is Northwest of the hand monument.

24. After talking to Mage, go back and tell Arthail what you found out.

25. Arthail will talk to you until he falls asleep. Keep clicking on him until a blue text box appear saying you heard a scream coming from the palace. Click on Arthail again until all you get is ZZZZ.

26. Head to the Prontera Castle and talk to the Minister located in the throne room which is 2 portals north after you first walk into the castle prt_castle76164. He's on the left side of the map.

27. Talk to him about the scream you heard, then he won't say anything more to you. When you walk away, he'll tell you to go to Prontera Church. Talk to him again until you get a blue text stating that he won't give you any more information.

28. Go to the Prontera Church located in northeast Prontera (prontera 234,314).

29. When you go into the church, go to the first room on the right.

30. Talk to the NPC named Priest Praupin, located in the Sanctuary prt_church17815.

31. He'll tell you to go talk to Bishop Maugins who is currently away at the convent (Monk Job Change area) which is 2 North from Prontera City and 3 East or just go 1 East from Prontera City, 1 North, and 2 East.

32. Once you're at St. Capitolina Abbey, head to the building that in the south of the map (prt_monk 246, 142).

33. When you're in the building, take the south portal and on the next map, take the portal on the left monk_in7346.

34. Talk to the NPC Bishop Maugins and ask him about the castle. Talk to him until he tells you to come back later.

35. Go back and talk to the Minister in the Prontera Castle again and he'll tell you that "The royal family is extremely busy at the moment handling our nation's administration."

36. Go talk to Arthail again and tell him about the information you found while he was asleep. Arthail will then tell you to go back to Master Kavaruk.

37. Once you finish talking to Master Kavaruk, your task is done.

Helping The Alchemist Guild

1. Talk to the Alchemist Guildmember who is located behind a fruit stand in Archer Village (pay_arche 125,111).

2. He'll ask for your assistance in gathering Maneater Blossoms and Stems.

3. Once you bring him the Maneater Blossoms and Stems, he'll offer to buy them from you. 30 Zeny for each 906.png Stem and 130 Zeny for each 1032.png Maneater Blossom.