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Holiday Event (2010/12/16) ~ (2011/01/06)

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Holiday Event (2010/12/16) ~ (2011/01/06)
Base Level: 20
Item(s): 1 Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg

White Christmas Friend

1. Talk with the Strange Box by the Christmas tree at the center of Prontera (152, 193). Choose to open the box, then advance through the dialog until you're poisoned and receive 1 Green Paper.

Note: The poison will take longer than usual to pass but the quest can be continued even if the poison has passed.

2. Talk with the Little Girl just south-west of the box (142, 183) and agree to help save people from the witch who created the cursed gift box. She'll teleport you to the witch's 'castle' in Nifflheim.

3. Enter the castle, then move to the second floor using the stairs on the far right. Avoid touching any of the shadows on the floor or you'll be hurt. However, if your HP is depleted, you'll only be moved back to the entrance.

4. Talk with Santa Claus, who's near the room's left wall. Choose the option 'choose', then 'none of the above'.

5. The witch will briefly appear to the left of the row of fake witches. Talk with her as soon as she appears. She will exchange your Green Paper for 1 Red Paper, then teleport you back to Prontera.

If the witch disappears before you can talk with her, talk with Santa Claus to reveal her again.

6. Examine the falling snow by the Christmas tree in Lutie (147, 134), then choose to toss the red paper in the air. You'll receive a Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg.

Return the Diaries

Return the diaries dropped by Christmas Teddy Bears all over the world to Santa Claus in exchange for rewards.

Santa Claus can be found at the following locations:

Christmas Teddy Bears can be found in most areas with monsters. They drop two kinds of diaries: Ordinary Kid's Diary and Honest Kid's Diary.

Santa Claus will exchange each diary for one of the following items, chosen randomly:

Ordinary Kid's Diary:

Honest Kid's Diary:

Making the Christmas Hat

Louise Carol, who's inside Santa's house in Lutie, can make a Christmas Tree Hat for you if you give her the following items:

Christmas Tree Hat

A 'fashionable' Christmas tree hat designed by Louise Carol. Increases resistance to blind, stun, curse, and confusion by 20%. Has a chance of dropping cookie bags with each monster killed.

Class: Headgear
Defence: 3
Location: Upper
Weight: 50
Required level: 30
Jobs: All

The headgear has the following effects for the duration of the Holiday Event when refined:

Refine Level Effect
+5 Enables you to convert the base experience reward of the Ice Titan hunting quest to job experience when turning-in, and vice-versa.
+7 Increases the Ice Titan hunting quest experience reward by 30%.
+9 Increases your experience multiplier by 100%. This affects experience earned from all monsters.

The Wish of the Lovers

Holiday Event (2010/12/16) ~ (2011/01/06)
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Diamond Ring, 3 Piece of Cake
Hunting: See table
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 800,000
Item(s): Valkyrie Feather Band, Gift Box

1. Enter the building in Hugel near (92, 164), then talk to Etoille in the second floor (hu_in01 252, 297). She will tell you that her boyfriend's leg is injured and wants you to go to Odin Shrine to speak to one of the Valkyries to heal him.

2. Speak with Ludwig in the bedroom on the second floor (hu_in01 218, 311). He will ask you to visit Isaac (lhz_in01 127, 161) at Rekenber Headquarters for a ring and Vira in the Prontera Church for a wedding dress.

3. Head to Lighthalzen and enter the Rekenber Headquarters in the northwest, near (101, 245). Once inside, talk with Isaac, who's by a suit of armor on the right. He tells you he sold the ring. He'll direct you to Amelie in Juno and tells you to bring a Diamond Ring and 3 Piece of Cake (most easily obtained by killing the crystals roaming the world).

4. Find Amelie by the graveyard in Juno (299, 146). She will give you Etoille's Ring in exchange for the Diamond Ring and Pieces of Cake.

5. Head to Prontera Church in northeast Prontera and talk to Vira. She'll start sewing the dress for the wedding.

6. Head back to Hugel and speak with the Boatman at (208, 109) and pay the 800 zeny fee to be teleported to Odin Shrine.

7. Speak to the Christmas Angel just south of the entrance to Odin Shrine. She doesn't believe you want to help the lovers, and sends you on a quest to kill 4 different kind of monsters, which vary depending on your level.

Level Monsters
20–45(?) 2 Willow 2 Elder Willow 2 Orc Lady 2 Orc Warrior
45–84 4 Mummy 4 Verit 4 Swordfish 4 Marc
85–100 4 Earth Petite 4 Sky Petite 4 Pest 4 Spring Rabbit
101–150 4 Desert Wolf 4 Snowier 4 Mace Kobold 4 Hammer Kobold

Note: Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count! This also counts for Homunculus, which means that anyone with a mercenary or homunculus may use them to kill the Crystals without incurring a penalty.

8. Return to the Christmas Angel for your second and third tasks. You must find and kill an Antonio (found roaming any map with monsters). You are also not allowed to kill any Crystals while on this step.

If you kill a Crystal while on this step, you must kill Antonio and then return to the Christmas Angel to "Try Again". You must then find and kill another Antonio.

9. Once you have found and killed Antonio, return to the Christmas Angel. She will give you the Feather to heal Ludwig.

10. Head back to Prontera Church and speak to Vira. She will give you the Wedding Dress for Etoille.

11. Return to the Market in Hugel and talk to Etoille on the second floor. She wants you to speak to the Wedding Planner next to Santa in Aldebaran (215, 223).

12. Head to Aldebaran, then speak with the Wedding Planner in the northeast corner (214, 223) and register Etoille and Ludwig.

12. Head to Lutie by speaking to the nearby Santa. Find Ludwig at (103, 265) and he'll give you a Gift Box.

13. Talk to Etoille (next to Ludwig, not back at Hugel) and she'll give you a Valkyrie Feather Band made from the feather you helped them find. You'll also gain 1,000,000 base experience and 800,000 job experience.

Note: talking to Etoille while your inventory is full will cause the quest to fail. You will not receive the Valkyrie Feather band, or any EXP rewards.

Toy Factory Instance Quest

Holiday Event (2010/12/16) ~ (2011/01/06)
Base Level: 20
Hunting: 10 Cruiser, 10 Myst Case, 1 Stormy Knight
Base Experience: Varies (See Table)
Job Experience: Varies (See Table)
Item(s): Antonio's Santa Hat, Varies (See Table)

1. Speak with the Worried Distribution Staff near the entrance to the Toy Factory in Lutie (140, 307). He's worried about the monsters ransacking the factory and asks you to get rid of them, as well as find any presents that need to be returned.

2. After agreeing to help, speak with him again and he'll warp you to an Instance of the Toy Factory. You'll need to kill 10 Myst Cases and 10 Cruisers as well as collect any Undelivered Gifts that drop.

Note: Skills are disabled in the instance.

Note: Bubblegum can be used to increase the drop chance of Undelivered Gifts.

3. Talk to the little girl just inside and she says she saw Antonio run off into the factory.

4. Finish the kill quests and then exit via the portal in the center of the map.

5. Talk to the Worried Distribution Staff and ask about Antonio. He tells you to find the Stolen Toy Bag by killing Stormy Knight in the Instanced Toy Factory. He'll also give you 10 more Undelivered Gifts.

6. Speak with him to warp back into the Factory. Find and kill at least 1 Stormy Knight and pick up the Santa Bag it drops.

Stormy Knight has 20 HP and is plant type. He is not like the normal MVP and low levels should have no more difficulty than with the Cruisers and Myst Cases. Only one spawns on the map at a time, and anyone can kill it. The Santa Bag is not guaranteed to drop, so you may need to kill more than one.

7. Return to the Worried Distribution Staff with a Santa Bag. He will thank you for your help and give you an Antonio's Santa Hat.

8. Speak to him again and ask him to direct you to his twin. The twin can be found southeast near Santa's empty sleigh (195,245).

9. He will trade in your Undelivered Gifts for prizes:

Undelivered Gifts Prizes
10 Gift Box
20 Gift Box, 20,000 Base EXP & 5,000 Job EXP
50 Louise Costume Box, 52,000 Base EXP & 11,000 Job EXP
150 20 KVM Badges
500 Old Card Album

Ice Titan Hunting

The following NPC can be temporarily found in the Ice Dungeon. It will give the player a choice of how many monsters they wish to hunt at a time. 50, 100, or 150 monsters can be hunted. EXP rewarded per kill is the same for all three amounts (i.e. Killing 100 monsters gives twice as much experience as killing 50), as well as being the same gained when normally killing a monster (effectively making leveling on the monsters equal to 2x EXP). Valkyrie has rewards equal to 1x, while Ymir has rewards equal to 1.5x.

  • Note: Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count!
  • Note: Louise Carol's Christmas Hat is required to do the quest
NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Base EXP Reward (50) Job EXP Reward (50) Base EXP Per Monster Job EXP Per Monster
Ice Titan Snowman (ice_dun03 154, 27) 70 150 Ice Titan ? ? ? ?