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The Cute Pet System is a system which allows players to tame monsters to become pets. They give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are several types of pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and to keep fed.

On iRO, the Cordial/Loyal requirement for the pet bonuses was removed on November 12, 2014[1]


To tame a pet, a Cute Pet Taming Item must be used. These items are obtained through monster drops or special quests. To use one, double click on it in the Item Window. When the desired monster to tame is on the screen, click on the monster. A slot machine will appear and it must be clicked to get a chance at taming the monster. In case of failure, the taming item is lost and no pet is gotten. In case of success, the taming item will be used and a Cute Pet Egg will be received. The success rate is unaffected by stats, reduced HP or by using Provoke (disputed - see Discussion page).

Hocus Pocus

Cute Pets can also be tamed through the Sage skill Hocus Pocus. This allows pets whose tames are currently unobtainable in the game to be tamed, with the risk that their food item may also be unavailable and thus must remain inside their egg.


Once a Cute Pet egg has been obtained, use a Pet Incubator to hatch it. To hatch the egg, click on the Incubator. Click on the desired egg to hatch and it will appear.

The first thing that should be done is to feed the pet. To feed a pet, right-click on it and choose "Feed Pet." For cost savings when working towards Loyal, only feed it when its hunger is at Hungry. To tame it faster, feed it when its hunger is at Neutral, but do not feed it any earlier than that. The pet will then make an emote, letting the owner know it has eaten. It should give the /ok emote. If it is repeatedly fed, it will give the /hmm or /pif emote. Feed it again and it will use the /omg emote and leave.

A pet can also be renamed through the Cute Pet Window (Alt+J). This can be done only once.

To return the pet into its egg, simply right-click on the pet and choose the selection. Another Incubator is needed to hatch the pet again. It is not necessary to take accessories off the pet prior to put it into its egg.


Intimacy Characteristics
Status Rate
Awkward Below 100 Ready to abandon its owner
Shy 100 ~ 249 Uses unhappy emotes such as /pif and /wah
Neutral 250 ~ 749 Uses friendly emotes such as /no1 and /ok
Cordial 750 ~ 909 Uses affectionate emotes such as /lv and /kis
Loyal 910 ~ 1,000 Talks often and uses affectionate emotes

A pet is given a random number of intimacy points between 100 and 399 when it's first hatched. The higher level the pet is, the less intimacy it will begin with. Feeding a pet increases its intimacy relative to its level and hunger; higher level pets get less intimacy per feeding, and vice versa.

A pet's hunger level is classified using the following terms

Status Rate
Stuffed 100 ~ 91
Satisfied 90 ~ 76
Neutral 75 ~ 26
Hungry 25 ~ 11
Very Hungry 10 ~ 0
  • Hunger rate for every pet is different, the chart below shows the hunger rate for every pet.
  • Each feeding will increase pet's hunger level by 20.
  • Each feeding will decrease pet's intimacy by 100 when overfed.
  • A pet’s intimacy decreases by 20 points when its owner dies.
  • If a pet is starving, its intimacy decreases by 20 every 20 seconds. The exception is the Little Poring, the intimacy of which decreases by 1 every 20 seconds instead.
  • Intimacy doesn't decrease when a pet is returned to its egg.

Comparison Chart

Monster Level Taming Item Food Accessory Bonuses Hunger Level Decrease per Minute Capture Rate
9027.png Alice
661.png Soft Apron
504.png White Potion
None MDEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1% 2 8%
9010.png Baby Desert Wolf
628.png Well-Dried Bone
537.png Pet Food
10003.png Transparent Head Protector
INT +1, Max SP +20 6 10%
9024.png Baphomet Jr.
642.png Book of Devil
518.png Honey
10001.png Skull Helmet
DEF & MDEF +1, Stun Resistance -1% 2 2%
9025.png Bongun
659.png Her Heart
537.png Pet Food
10020.png Grave Keeper's Sword
VIT +1, Stun Resistance +1% 4 5%
9006.png Chonchon
624.png Rotten Fish
537.png Pet Food
10002.png Monster Oxygen Mask
AGI +1, FLEE +2 6 15%
9058.png Christmas Snow Rabbit
3 None
529.png Candy
None During Christmas: EXP +2%, MATK +2% 3 None
9035.png Deleter (Ground)
14572.png Holy Marble
7822.png Whole Barbeque
None None 4 8%
9023.png Deviruchi
641.png Contract in Shadow
711.png Shoot
10004.png Pacifier
ATK & MATK +1%, Max HP & Max SP -3% 2 5%
9036.png Diabolic
14573.png Red Burning Stone
7823.png Meat Skewer
None None 2 8%
9019.png Dokebi
637.png Old Broom
537.png Pet Food
10005.png Wig
MATK +1%, ATK -1% 4 5%
9002.png Drops
620.png Orange Juice
508.png Yellow Herb
10013.png Poring Pet Backpack
HIT +3, ATK +3 4 15%
9049.png Dullahan
12367.png Luxury Whisky Bottle
6107.png Sunset On The Rock
10031.png Ring of Death
CRIT +5 3 10%
9031.png Eclipse
6 Event Quest
7766.png Bok Choy
None None 3 20%
9047.png Evil Nymph
12365.png Charming Lotus
6105.png Morning Dew
10029.png Jade Trinket
Max SP +30, Increases SP Recovery by 5% 3 10%
9032.png Goblin (Dagger)
14569.png Knife Goblin Ring
7821.png Green Apple
None None 3 8%
9033.png Goblin (Flail)
14570.png Flail Goblin Ring
None None 3 8%
9034.png Goblin (Hammer)
14571.png Hammer Goblin Ring
None None 3 8%
9046.png Goblin Leader
12364.png Staff of Leader
6104.png Big Cell
10028.png Nice Badge
Increases damage to Demi-Human monsters by 3%. 7 10%
9053.png Golem
12371.png Magical Lithography
6111.png Mystic Stone
10035.png Windup Ring
FLEE +5, Max HP +100 7 10%
9030.png Green Maiden
12395.png Tantan Noodle
6115.png Bun
None DEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1% 3 20%
9028.png Hard Rice Cake
12340.png Chewy Rice Powder
511.png Green Herb
None Neutral Resistance +1%, Max HP -1% 3 20%
9008.png Hunter Fly
626.png Monster Juice
716.png Red Gemstone
10002.png Monster Oxygen Mask
FLEE -5, Perfect Dodge +2 5 5%
9056.png Imp
12374.png Ice Fireworks
6114.png Flame Gemstone
10038.png Horn Barrier
Fire Resistance +2%, Physical damage to Fire monster +1% 3 3%
9052.png Incubus
12370.png Girl's Naivety
6110.png Yellow Vital Flower
10031.png Ball Mask
Max SP +5%, May leech 1% of the damage as SP. 3 10%
9021.png Isis
639.png Armlet of Obedience
537.png Pet Food
10006.png Queen's Hair Ornament
ATK +1%, MATK -1%, 3 3%
9041.png Leaf Cat
12359.png Very Soft Plant
6096.png Fish With Blue Back
10023.png Green Lucky Bag
Increases Brute Resistance by 3% 7 10%
9062.png Little Poring
12846.png Little Unripe Apple
531.png Apple Juice
None HP Recovery +50% 3 90%
9042.png Loli Ruri
12360.png Very Red Juice
6097.png Pumpkin Pie
10024.png Fashionable Glasses
Max HP +3%, may autocast Heal Lv. 1 when physically attacked 3 10%
9004.png Lunatic
622.png Rainbow Carrot
534.png Carrot Juice
10007.png Silk Ribbon
ATK +2, CRIT +2 4 15%
9040.png Mao Guai
12358.png Fan Of Wind
6095.png Flavored Alcohol
10022.png Golden Earring
Max SP +10 3 10%
9043.png Marionette
12361.png Delicious Shaved Ice
6098.png Small Snow Flower
10025.png Star Hairband
May activate (Neutral Resistance +20%, 100 HP Regen/2 sec) for 3 seconds when physically attacked 3 10%
9050.png Medusa
12368.png Splendid Mirror
6108.png Apple Pudding
10032.png Queen's Coronet
VIT +1, Stone Resistance +5% 3 10%
9048.png Miyabi Doll
12366.png Girl's Doll
6106.png Well Ripened Berry
10030.png Summer Fan
INT +1, Var Cast Time -3% 3 10%
9018.png Munak
636.png No Recipient
537.png Pet Food
10008.png Punisher
INT +1, DEF +1 3 5%
9038.png New Year Doll
?? Event Quest
554.png Mojji
None None 3 None
9054.png Nightmare Terror
12372.png Hell Contract
6112.png Fresh Salad
10036.png Hell Horn
Int + 1, Sleep Resistance +100% 3 3%
9017.png Orc Warrior
635.png Orc Trophy
537.png Pet Food
10009.png Wild Flower
ATK +10, DEF -3 5 5%
9014.png Peco Peco
632.png Fatty Chubby Earthworm
537.png Pet Food
10010.png Battered Pot
Max HP +150, Max SP -10 4 10%
9022.png Petite (Ground)
640.png Shining Stone
537.png Pet Food
10011.png Stellar Hairpin
DEF & MDEF -2, ASPD +1% 4 5%
9005.png Picky
623.png Earthworm the Dude
507.png Red Herb
10012.png Tiny Egg Shell
STR +1, ATK +5 4 20%
9013.png Poison Spore
631.png Deadly Noxious Herb
537.png Pet Food
10017.png Bark Shorts
STR +1, INT +1 3 10%
9003.png Poporing
621.png Bitter Herb
511.png Green Herb
10013.png Poring Pet Backpack
LUK +2, Poison Resistance +10% 5 10%
9001.png Poring
619.png Unripe Apple
531.png Apple Juice
10013.png Poring Pet Backpack
LUK +2, CRIT +1 3 20%
9011.png Rocker
629.png Singing Flower
537.png Pet Food
10014.png Rocker Glasses
HP Recovery +5%, Max HP +25 1 15%
9029.png Santa Goblin
12225.png Sweet Candy Cane
911.png Scell
None Max HP +30, Water Resistance +1% 3 20%
9009.png Savage Bebe
627.png Sweet Milk
537.png Pet Food
10015.png Green Lace
VIT +1, Max HP +50 7 15%
9101.png Scatleton
14 Event Quest
579.png Fresh Fish
10040.png Red Bell Necklace
Increases the recovery rate of Fresh Fish by 100%. 4 None
9113.png Skelion Egg
1 Event Quest
11616.png Yummy Meat
10042.png Dark Mane
Increases the recovery rate of Fresh Fish by 100%. 4 None
9044.png Shinobi
12362.png Kuloren
6099.png Grilled Rice Cake
10026.png Wine on Sleeve
AGI +2 7 10%
9015.png Smokie
633.png Sweet Potato
537.png Pet Food
10019.png Red Scarf
AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +1 4 10%
9020.png Sohee
638.png Silver Knife of Chastity
537.png Pet Food
10016.png Golden Bell
STR +1, DEX +1 3 5%
9012.png Spore
630.png Dew Laden Moss
537.png Pet Food
10017.png Bark Shorts
HIT +5, ATK -2 3 15%
9007.png Steel Chonchon
625.png Rusty Iron
1002.png Iron Ore
10002.png Monster Oxygen Mask
FLEE +6, AGI -1 5 10%
9051.png Stone Shooter
12369.png Oilpalm Coconut
6109.png Plant Neutrient
10033.png Afro Hair
Fire skill resistance +3% 7 10%
9055.png Succubus
12373.png Boy's Pure Heart
6113.png Blue Vital Flower
10037.png Black Butterfly Mask
2% chance to leech 5% of the damage as HP when performing a physical attack. 3 3%
9099.png Teddy Bear
23189.png Small Doll Needle
25233.png Cotton Tufts
None Max SP + 150 X 10%
9059.png Tikbalang
12699.png Tikbalang Harness
528.png Monster's Feed
None Damage to Bakonawa, Bangungot, and Buwaya +10% 8 10%
9037.png Wanderer
14574.png Vagabond's Skull
7824.png Spirit Liquor
None None 2 8%
9045.png Whisper
12363.png Ghost Coffin
6100.png Damp Darkness
10027.png Spirit Chain
FLEE + 7, Enables the use of Hiding Lv.1 7 10%
9039.png White Lady
12357.png Gingerbread Cookie
6094.png Traditional Cookie
?? None 7 3%
9016.png Yoyo
634.png Tropical Banana
532.png Banana Juice
10018.png Monkey Circlet
CRIT +3, LUK -1 5 10%
9026.png Zealotus
660.png Forbidden Red Candle
929.png Immortal Heart
None Damage & Magic Damage to Demi Human +2% 7 3%

See Also


  1. patch notes.