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Masquerade-Unlucky.png Masquerade-Unlucky
No Image Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 3, selectable
Duration: 5 + (5 * Lv.) sec
Target: Enemy
Status: Masquerade
Catalyst: 1 Face Paint
Status Icon: I Masquerade-Unlucky.png
(Shadow Chaser) Masquerade-Laziness Lv. 1, Masquerade-Weakness Lv. 1

Masquerade-Unlucky (Alt: Masquerade-Unlucky) is a 3rd class active skill available as Shadow Chaser.


Reduces target's CRIT and Perfect Dodge. When afflicted with this status, target must spend zeny to use skills,and will be be affected by either Poison, Blind, or Silence however not immunity cards such as Marduk for silence. Stats, status resistance, and target/user levels affect the success rate. Consumes 1 Makeup Brush and 1 Face Paint.

Level CRIT reduction Perfect Dodge reduction Zeny Consumption Penalty Duration
1 -10 -10 Zeny Penalty 250 10 Secs
2 -20 -20 Zeny Penalty 500 15 Secs
3 -30 -30 Zeny Penalty 1000 20 Secs


Additional Info

Cast Time: 1 second

After-cast: 1 second

Re-use delay: 2 seconds

Range: 3 cells

Can't use the same masquerade on a target twice to "renew" the effect.

No current means of curing status. Major stat for resistance: AGI