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Shadow Formation

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Shadow Formation.png Shadow Formation
No Image Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
Duration: 20 + (10 * Lv.) sec
Target: Player
Range: 5 cells cells
Status Icon: I Shadow Formation.png
(Rogue) Stalk Lv. 5


Redirects any damage the caster receives to the player targeted by Shadow Form. Automatically cancels after a fixed number of hits redirected, detecting skill is used, or when targeted player moves out of range.

Level Hits Sp Drain Duration
1 5 10/sec 30 sec
2 6 9/sec 40 sec
3 7 8/sec 50 sec
4 8 7/sec 60 sec
5 9 6/sec 70 sec


  • Can be used on Players while they are in a Manhole
  • Cannot use any skills or items while you are in Shadow Form.
  • Shadow form is canceled if the range between player and target is greater than 10 cells.
  • Cannot be dispelled, therefore can only removal methods are: target move out of range, insufficient SP upkeep, exceed the hit count, a detecting skill is used and/or duration ends.
  • If you receive damage, and pass it onto another character that has Shield Reflect or reflect gear, if you are in melee range of them, some damage will be reflected back to you.
  • If you are using Shadow Form on someone that has Defending Aura, any ranged damage used on you WILL be reduced by defending aura. Thus, the shadow formed target will receive less damage.
  • If you are Shadow Forming a player who is protected by Sacrifice, it will bypass Sacrifice and hit them, instead of the Crusader/Paladin/Royal Guard.
  • If you have a status ailment, ie, Burning, it will bypass your Shadow Form and continue to hit you.
  • You can be immobilized by skills like Warg Bite while in Shadow Form.
    • Avoid such scenarios as you cannot move, use skills, or items until Shadow Form ends.

  • Additional Info

- Cast Time: Instant

- After-cast: None

- -use delay: None

- Range: 5 cells

- Possible to target both enemy and ally.

- Cannot be used on Monsters.

- Damage is a form of redirect very similar to how Devotion (Crusader) works. Thus it is not possible to divert Divine damage like Pressure and Gravitational Field.

- It is possible to Shadow Form players trapped in Manhole and similarly White Imprison (Warlock) to receive diverted damage.

- If Player A Shadow Forms Player B and vice versa, the damage will only get redirected once. Hence if Player A gets damaged, damage is transferred to Player B.

- Equipment effects such as auto cast when hit or reflect still works in Shadow Form.