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Shadow Chaser

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Shadow Chaser
Shadow Chaser.png
Job Base(s): Rogue
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Rogue Guild
Number of Skills: 21
Total Skill Points: 96
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+8 +5 +8 +6 +4 +6


Shadow Chaser.jpg

Rogues and Stalkers can now become Shadow Chasers in Renewal. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "SC". They use body paint and other means to detect cloaked enemies, become totally invisible, and even debuff opponents. Shadow Chasers can also hide in their enemies shadow to pass off damage being dealt to them. Add to that their ability to copy skills from other 3rd job classes and the Shadow Chaser becomes a versatile and dangerous class to play and face.

Job Change Guide

See Shadow Chaser Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Shadow Chaser from a Rogue or Stalker requires the player to complete a treasure hunt across the three nations of the rune Midgard Continent, and through several dungeons. After finding the unique treasure, the player will be transformed into a Shadow Chaser. The journey begins in the Rogue Guild at Pharos Lighthouse!


Skill Description Levels Type
Bloody Lust.png Bloody Lust
Paint a red symbol on the ground, any characters inside the 3x3 symbol receives the Frenzy status. 3 Active
Body Painting.png Body Painting
Splash paint all around the caster, revealing any hidden targets instantly in a 5x5 area 5 Active
Chaos Panic.png Chaos Panic
Paint a whirling yellow symbol on the ground. Any player or monster that enters the 5x5 area around it becomes inflicted with the Chaos ailment. 3 Active
Deadly Infection.png Deadly Infection
Spreads any status ailments the character is suffering from to any target that the character attacks. 5 Active
Dimensional Door.png Dimensional Door
Paint a magical door on the ground which teleports anyone who enters it. 3 Active
Divest Accessory.png Divest Accessory
Forcibly strip both accessories off a target. 5 Active
Fatal Manace.png Fatal Manace
Strike a target and all foes in a 3x3 area around the target, warping all foes hit to a random location of the map. 5 Offensive
Feint Bomb.png Feint Bomb
Draw a fake copycat of yourself on the ground, Back Slide 3, 6, 9 or cells, then enter Hiding . After a while, the fake copycat explodes, damaging all surrounding enemies in a 5x5 area. 3 Offensive
Invisibility.png Invisibility
Completely conceal yourself whilst allowing you to attack while hidden. 5 Active
Maelstrom.png Maelstrom
Paint a swirling circle (5x5 area) on the ground that absorbs and negates certain ground-targeted skills. 3 Active
Manhole.png Manhole
Any targets that walk within 3x3 cells of the manhole will be sucked into it. 3 Active
Masquerade-Enervation.png Masquerade-Enervation
Reduce target's ATK and causes target to lose all spirit spheres. 3 Active
Masquerade-Groomy.png Masquerade-Groomy
Reduces target's Accuracy and Attack Speed and remove's their mount or summoned pet. 3 Active
Masquerade-Ignorance.png Masquerade-Ignorance
Remove a target's ability to use active Skills and take a set amount of SP from the target, recovering half of SP taken for yourself. 3 Active
Masquerade-Laziness.png Masquerade-Laziness
Reduces target's FLEE and slows their cast time. 3 Active
Masquerade-Unlucky.png Masquerade-Unlucky
Reduces target's CRIT and Perfect Dodge and inflicts a random status effect. 3 Active
Masquerade-Weakness.png Masquerade-Weakness
Reduces target's Max HP and strips their shield and weapon at the same time. 3 Active
Reproduce.png Reproduce
Learn the last skill that was inflicted by an enemy while active. 10 Active
Shadow Formation.png Shadow Formation
Redirects any damage the caster receives to the player targeted by Shadow Form. 5 Active
Shadow Spell.png Shadow Spell
Magic skills learned through intimidate and reproduce can be cast through Shadow Spell. 10 Active
Triangle Shot.png Triangle Shot
Send 3 arrows flying towards your target. 10 Offensive



Stat Build:

  • STR: 1+
  • AGI: 1+
  • VIT: 110
  • INT: 100
  • DEX: 110
  • LUK: 1+

Skill Build:

This is a build most suitable for WoE Sieges and MvP Hunts as part of the support team for Debuffing Enemies.

Leveling would be dependent on Hunter and Ranger Traps. Traps depend on your DEX and INT in order to do more damage.

  • After the balance patch, traps are no longer a reliable leveling method. It is highly recommended to copy Arrow Storm instead.

Suggested Skills to be Copied: Arrow Storm.

Auto Shadow Spell/Invisibility

Stat Build:

  • STR: 90+
  • AGI: 100+
  • VIT: 50+
  • INT: 95
  • DEX: 90
  • LUK: 1

Skill Build:

ASPD is very crucial in triggering Auto Shadow Spell. High AGI, High STR, High INT and Moderate to High DEX is required to be an effective build. Additionally Shadow Spell works only on close range weapons like daggers.

Commonly copied spells are e.g. Storm Gust, Meteor Storm, Duple Light, Raging Trifecta Blow. Skills to be copied would vary depending on the situation and the preference of the player.

Double Strafe/Triangle Shot

Stat Build:

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 80
  • VIT: 100
  • INT: 80+
  • DEX: 110
  • LUK: 1

Skill Build:

The bow rogue has high DEX and high AGI for quick and devastating damage via bows, Moderate INT ensures a steady SP supply for skill spamming and high VIT for survivability.

Another suggestion is to copy Severe Rainstorm with Reproduce to do effective damage. Ensure to stock up if considering to use this skill as it consumes 220sp (due to nerf on Shadow Chaser class, uses 2x the sp) and 20arrows per cast.

ALL Around PVM

Stats build:

  • STR: 90-120
  • AGI: 60,90-100
  • VIT: 100-120
  • INT:60,90-110
  • DEX: 90-100
  • LUK: 1*optional

Depends on which skills copied, gears, role, you should prioritize which stats goes first.

This build are for those who wanted to bring the life of a WOE-oriented class into PVM environment.SC is like Hermes, which is jack of all trades, but master of none. Please don't expect that you can give out the damage with the same digit from the skills that you copied from the main class, because it is impossible. You may or may not increase the damage via stats, foods, gears, but the main class will always be ahead of you.

Once you understand the gift, yet a curse to SC for the ability to copy skills, then feel free to play SC in PVM arena

Skills worth copying: Bowling Bash Storm Gust Meteor Storm Arrow Storm Jack Frost Ignition Break

The best skills to be use are BB+IB combo which is popular for going solo route. If BIO and partying isn't your thing, this is the path for you. Scaraba dungeon is your best bet for going solo. Armed with RTE and SP/HP leeching gear, you don't have to rely on potions anymore.

If you don't think going solo is fun or because it is bored, you could be A tank(sort of)when leveling in party at BIOs. By learning Storm Gust and Jack Frost, your job is to freeze all those pesky bio-people at the cost of those mobs regconize you as acting aggro. Stack up some reduction gears, high vit and int, you're ready to sacrifice yourself to the demons lurking in bios.


Caster Shadow Chaser


5379.png Tam [1]
4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card
4412.png Isilla Card
Tams are unobtainable by any means except from other players who owned one. You can subtitute it for any +Matk (# or %) or +Int headgears.


2375.png Diabolus Armor [1]
4426.png Byorgue Card
4031.png Pecopeco Card


2537.png Diabolus Manteau [1]
4133.png Raydric Card
2542.png Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger [1]
4133.png Raydric Card


2433.png Diabolus Boots [1]
4381.png Green Ferus Card
4107.png Verit Card


2729.png Diabolus Ring [1]
4077.png Phen Card


13414.png Elemental Sword [3]
4004.png Drops Card
13412.png Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3]
13413.png Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3]
4004.png Drops Card
1234.png Moonlight Dagger
(Every attack restores 3 SP, including magic attacks. Seperate waves of magic attack will restore SP, not combined damage though)
1231.png Bazerald
(Cheap Alternative to Elemental Sword, but it's Fire elemental though. Equip this when casting)
1230.png Ice Pick
13017.png Ice Pick [1]
+ Any desired racial cards


2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1]
4413.png Hodremlin Card

Trap Shadow Chasers


5208.png Rideword Hat [1]
Rideword Hats were sold as a limited item from Kafra headgear shop. Can only be obtained from other players who owned one.

"Adds a 5% chance to restore 8% of the damage dealt as HP to the user with each physical attack. Adds a 1% chance to restore 4% of the damage dealt as SP to the user with each physical attack." This helps with SP recovery and minimal HP recovery.


1208.png Main Gauche [4]
4115.png Hunter Fly Card
x 4
The Hunter Fly Cards "Adds a 3% chance to restore 15% of the damage dealt as HP to the user with each physical attack." With 4 cards for a total of 12% chance to restore 60% damage as HP. This eliminates the use of Potions when leveling. Note that this further stacks additively with the Rideword Hat.

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