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Attack is the total physical damage output before factoring defense. The total attack is calulated through 4 separate parts: Status ATK, Weapon ATK, Equipment ATK and Mastery ATK. Each part behaves differently and should only be added together once all the necessary calculations have been made. The effect of DEX and STR depends on the equiped weapon.

The formula for calculating attack is the following:

ATK = StatusATK × 2 + WeaponATK + EquipATK + MasteryATK


Status ATK

Status ATK is derived from the player's Stats and Base Level, most notably from DEX or STR depending on their equiped weapon. This is the first number you see on the status screen under ATK.


StatusATK = Floor( BaseLevel ÷ 4 + STR + DEX ÷ 5 + LUK ÷ 3 )


Weapon ATK

Weapon ATK is derived from a player's equiped weapon and STR. This is the only portion in ATK that varies depending on the weapon level and refinement rate. Also, Weapon ATK tends to play the biggest role in your total ATK as it is the easiest to increase.


WeaponATK = ( BaseWeaponATK + Variance + STRBonus + RefinementBonus ) × SizePenalty
  • Variance = ± 0.05 × WeaponLevel × BaseWeaponATK
  • STRBonus (melee weapons) = BaseWeaponATK × STR ÷ 200
  • DEXBonus (bows) = BaseWeaponATK × DEX ÷ 200
  • RefinementBonus = See Refinement Effects.
  • SizePentalty = See this table.


Equipment ATK

Equipment ATK is the sum of ATK gained from equips other than weapons. Support buffs tend to increase this ATK, too, but not all of them fit into this category.


List of Equipment ATK

List of Equipment ATK Modifiers

Mastery ATK

Mastery ATK is a special kind of ATK that has no elemental properties. While most masteries come from Passive Skills, there are some Active Skills such as Camouflage or Zen.


  • Because masteries are not elemental, they are unaffected by Ghost armors or Raydric Card.
  • Since masteries are direct increases to ATK, they are affected by skill modifiers and DEF.
  • For the purpose of damage increasing/decreasing effects, Mastery damage appears to be treated the same as status attack.

List of Masteries

Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery Axe Mastery (Mechanic).png Axe Mastery (Mechanic) Beast Bane.png Beast Bane Coin Flip.png Coin Flip Camouflage.png Camouflage
Dagger Throwing Practice.png Dagger Throwing Practice Dance Lessons.png Dance Lessons Demon Bane.png Demon Bane Fire Earth Research.png Fire Earth Research Iron Fists.png Iron Fists
Katar Mastery.png Katar Mastery Mace Mastery.png Mace Mastery Madogear License.png Madogear License Main Ranger.png Main Ranger Music Lessons.png Music Lessons
Spear Mastery.png Spear Mastery Summon Spirit Sphere.png Summon Spirit Sphere Sprint.png Sprint Study.png Study Sword Mastery.png Sword Mastery
Sword Training.png Sword Training Throw Shuriken.png Throw Shuriken Tooth of Warg.png Tooth of Warg Two-Handed Sword Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery Weaponry Research.png Weaponry Research
and Weapons forged with Star Crumbs

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