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Max HP

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HP is an acronym and is known to stand for Health Points or Hit Points. It is how much life points the character has and the amount of damage the character can sustain before dying. Max HP is mainly derived from the class of the character, VIT, and any equipment that may affect HP.

"HP" is sometimes also referring to the abbreviation of "High Priest". For information on the class, see High Priest.

Max HP (also called MHP) affects HP Recovery, Increase HP Recovery, and Spiritual Cadence.

3rd class trans HP table

Current HP values (post-balance patch) assuming level 150 with 0 VIT, no equipment on, and no skill modifiers (Faith, Rising Dragon, etc.):

Class Base HP Base HP With Trans Modifier (x1.25)
Rune Knight 14883 18603
Royal Guard, Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser 13188 16485
Mechanic 12531 15663
Sura 10897 13621
Ranger, Maestro, Wanderer 10451 13063
Geneticist 9111 11388
Sorcerer 8883 11103
Arch Bishop 8283 10353
Warlock 7669 9586

The following table is outdated and are the HP values before the balance patch:

Max HP


Ragnarok Online does not calculate the base maximum HP of players in real time. Instead, this lookup table is used. The following is an algorithm how the values of the lookup tables are calculated:

var BASE_HP = 35;
for (var i = 2; i <= BASE_LEVEL; i++) {
  BASE_HP += Math.round(HP_JOB_A * i);
MAX_HP = Math.floor( MAX_HP * (1 + VIT * 0.01) * TRANS_MOD );
MAX_HP = Math.floor( MAX_HP * (1 + HP_MOD_B * 0.01) );


HP_JOB_A: See the job modifier table
HP_JOB_B: The number in parenthesis, if any. Otherwise 5.
HP_MOD_A: Sum of additive modifiers
HP_MOD_B: Sum of multiplicative modifiers
TRANS_MOD: 1.25 for transcendent classes, 1 otherwise


Base HP is the same for all characters with the same job and same level.
Increase base HP by 1% per VIT. Then add additive modifiers. Finally add multiplicative modifiers.

Additive Modifiers

Multiplicative Modifiers

Job Modifiers


Novice Super Novice
0 0

First Job Classes

Swordman Archer Thief Acolyte Merchant Mage TaeKwon Kid Ninja Gunslinger
0.7 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.7 0.75 0.9

2-1 Job Classes

Knight Hunter Assassin Priest Blacksmith Wizard TaeKwon Master
1.5 0.85 1.1 0.75 0.9 0.55 0.9 (6.5)

2-2 Job Classes

Crusader Dancer/Bard Rogue Monk Alchemist Sage Soul Linker
1.1 (7) 0.75 (3) 0.85 0.9 (6.5) 0.9 0.75 0.75