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Guillotine Cross

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Guillotine Cross
Guillotine Cross.png
Job Base(s): Assassin
Assassin Cross
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Veins
Number of Skills: 17
Total Skill Points: 78
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+8 +9 +6 +5 +7 +2


A Guillotine Cross' name is often shortened and abbreviated as "GX", where the "X is like a cross.

Guillotine Cross.jpg

Job Change Guide

See Guillotine Cross Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Rolling Cutter / Cross Ripper Slasher Katars

Rolling Cutter is the most effective leveling AOE skill for a Guillotine Cross. This build is a good balanced build that can use skills, CRIT, perfect dodge, or anything depending on gears used.

  • STR: 90+
  • AGI: 90-120
  • VIT: 95
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: ~60 OR 90-100
  • LUK: ~60 OR 90

This build's stats are centered around the Heroic Backpack [1] garment, which is overall the best garment for PVM / MVP and sometimes PVP / WoE too. Make sure STR, AGI, and VIT are above 90 as these are crucial stats for a GX (STR = power, AGI = aspd/flee, VIT = survivability) and the backpack bonuses are great for it. If you prefer to use skills more than CRIT, go for 90 DEX and 60-70 LUK. If you prefer to CRIT more and want the backpack LUK bonus, then go for 90 LUK and 60-70 DEX. VIT is set to 95 so that there is 100 VIT in total after job bonuses, which will give stun immunity.

Rolling Cutter is the first skill to get and will be the main leveling skill. Cross Ripper Slasher is very strong with many counters built up with rolling cutter. For leveling purposes, CRS can be used to finish off the one monster that is not killed when mobbing. Cross Impact is good for single target burst damage as well. Cloaking Exceed is useful and you will not be seen by insect / demon monsters.

This build will have a good CRIT rate with certain gears like Rogue's Treasures. Morrigane's set is also good choice for the early GX levels or Assassin / Assassin Cross levels. Please note that CRIT-ing monsters one at a time is not recommended for leveling purposes and using Rolling Cutter to mob is much faster. CRIT could be useful for MVP / WoE purposes though. MVPs that have agi-up usually will dodge skills that depend on HIT, so this is where CRIT comes in. Buffs like Gloria will bring the CRIT rate up over 50 usually, which means over 100 CRIT with the doubled CRIT rate from Katars.

High Perfect Dodge (80+) can be easily achieved with the right gears, like Morrigane's set, two Fortune Swords, and Wild Rose Card. LUK will also help but do not get too much LUK at the beginning as the points are better spent on other stats first. If tanking a mob for your party to kill, switch from the two fortune swords to one fortune sword and a shield with the appropriate racial reduction card (Thara Frog, Khalitzburg, etc.). Switch back to two fortune swords to pull and mob the monsters together.

A Specialty Jur [4] with four Hunter Fly Cards or a Jur [3] with three Hunter Fly Cards is useful with Rolling Cutter for leeching HP back. For DPS purposes, use a Durga [1] or a KVM Katar (Glorious Bloody Roar / Glorious Jamadhar). KVM Katars are good for attacking even non-Demihuman monsters due to the 193 aspd proc.

PVP / WoE Daggers

This is more of an endgame PVP / WoE build and is not a leveling build. To optimize ASPD, HIT, and ATK, focus on balancing the STR, AGI and DEX stats. This is because it is indispensable to have quick attack speed along with adequate HIT so that attacks will not fail. VIT is also needed for survivability.

  • STR: 100-110
  • AGI: 100-110
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1 +4
  • DEX: 90-100
  • LUK: 1-20
  1. ATK: 259 +0 (without Daggers) ATK: 499+112 (if using Glorious Damascus and with a refine of +8)
  2. ASPD: 181 (without Daggers) ASPD: 185 (with Increase Agility, Blessing, Drosera Herb Salad, Siroma Ice Tea, Steamed Desert Scorpions, Hwergelmir's Tonic and Awakening Potion)
  3. HIT: 303 (with Increase Agility, Blessing, Siroma Ice Tea, Hwergelmir's Tonic)
  4. DEF: 0+79
  5. Flee: 341+2 (with Increase Agility, Blessing, Drosera Herb Salad, Steamed Desert Scorpions)
  6. Critical: 2
  7. MDEF: 0+ 15
  8. MATK: 19+24 (with Blessing)
  9. HP and SP may be different depending on the server

Pure Critical Build

This build focuses on single target critical hits (CRIT), and is not a leveling build because it does not have HIT for AoE skills. Critical hits deal about 40% more than regular attacks would. This build ONLY uses katars and relies a lot on LUK. Every three LUK gives one CRIT. This build is mainly used for single target DPS on MVPs, but can also be applied for PvP/WoE as well. This build is PURE critical, and is only applicable to endgame uses. Leveling builds require HIT to use AoE leveling skills and 1 DEX is not adequate for AoE purposes.


  • STR: 100+
  • AGI: 100-120
  • VIT: 70+
  • INT: 1~10
  • DEX: 1
  • LUK: 90+

Some recommended equipment for this build are the following:


  • Headgear Top: +7 or higher Little Feather Hat [1]
  • Headgear Mid: Sigrun's Wings
  • Headgear Bottom: CD in Mouth/Pirate Dagger
  • Armor: Enchanted Sapha's Cloth [PecoPeco/Marc Card]
  • Weapon: Highly Refined Durga [Aunoe/ThePaper/Mobster Card]
  • Garment: Enchanted Sapha Hood
  • Shoes: Enchanted Sapha Shoes [Verit/Matyr Card]
  • Accessory 1: Enchanted Sapha Ring
  • Accessory 2: Enchanted Sapha Ring
  • Total Spent: About 700,000,000z spent at the time


  • Headgear Top: +7 or higher Little Feather Hat [1]/Feather Beret/+10 or higher Cat Ear Beret
  • Headgear Mid: Sigrun's Wings
  • Headgear Bottom: CD in Mouth/Pirate Dagger
  • Armor: Enchanted +9 WoE Suits [PecoPeco/Marc Card]
  • Weapon: Highly Refined Durga [Aunoe/ThePaper/Mobster Card]
  • Garment: +9 WoE Robe
  • Shoes: +9 WoE Shoes [Firelock Soldier Card]
  • Accessories: Rouge's Treasure x2
  • Total Spent: About 1,380,000,000z spent at the time

This equipment can even be used on a Guillotine Cross that is not at max level in some cases. This build is also quite effective at breaking emperiums in WoE.


Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Antidote.png Antidote
Can detoxify Guillotine Cross's poison status and 1 target. 1 Active
Cloaking Exceed.png Cloaking Exceed
Cannot be found by Insect and Demon type monsters. Not released until the caster is hit 3 times. Increase Movement Speed according to Skill Level. 5 Active
Counter Slash.png Counter Slash
Attack - Deals ATK * (4~8 * BaseLv / 120) damage to foes in a 1-cell radius around the user. Adds AGI * 0.02 + JobLv * 0.04 to damage multiplier. Can only be used after blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking. Half damage multiplier and double SP cost when used with Enchant Deadly Poison. 5 Offensive
Cross Impact.png Cross Impact
Attack - Deals ATK * (12~14 * BaseLv / 100) damage to target foe, 3-cell range. Half damage multiplier and double SP cost when used with Enchant Deadly Poison. 5 Offensive
Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher
Attack - Deals ATK * (4.8~8 * BaseLv / 100) damage to target foe, has a range of 9~13 cells. Each Rolling Cutter counter adds AGI / 100 to damage multiplier. Consumes the rotation counters accumulated from Rolling Cutter (reset to 0). 5 Offensive
Dark Claw.png Dark Claw
Gives an enemy a painful wound for 5 seconds, causing short ranged attacks to deal greater physical damage to the target. 5 Offensive
Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion
Instantly move to target foe, 3~7-cell range. Deals ATK * 1 damage. Has a 4~20% chance to trigger Cross Impact. 5 Offensive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active
Hallucination Walk.png Hallucination Walk
For 60 seconds, you have +50~300 Flee and 10~50 chance of evading magic attacks. Using the skill consumes 10% of max HP, and when the skill ends your movement speed and attack speed are halved for 25 seconds. 5 Active
New Poison Creation.png New Poison Creation
Create new poison from the list of possible poisons shown according to the level of New Poison Research and the materials you have. 1 Active
New Poison Research.png New Poison Research
Allows creation of new poisons. Higher levels of the skill unlock new types of poisons and increases the probability of success. It is necessary to have a Medicine Bottle and a Poison Creation Kit. 10 Passive
Phantom Menace.png Phantom Menace
Strikes from the shadows to hit all hidden targets in a 7x7 area for 300% damage. Cancels hidden status on all targets that are hit. 1 Offensive
Poisonous Smoke.png Poisonous Smoke
With Poisonous Weapon activated, spread a poisonous smoke around 5x5 cells. Enemies in range have a 20% chance of getting poisoned every 2 seconds. 5 Active
Poisonous Weapon.png Poisonous Weapon
For 60~300 seconds, coat your weapon with one of the Guillotine Cross poisons. 4~12% chance of applying selected poison to target with each attack. Does not work against Boss monsters. 5 Supportive
Rolling Cutter.png Rolling Cutter
Katar Attack - Deals ATK * 1.2~2 damage. Hits foes within a 1-cell radius around you. Each rotation increases your rotation counter, which increases the damage of Cross Ripper Slasher. You can't have more than 10 rotation counters. 5 Active
Venom Impression.png Venom Impression
Target foe has -10~50% poison resistance. 5 Passive
Venom Pressure.png Venom Pressure
Attack - 75~95% chance to apply your coated Guillotine Cross poison to target foe if hits (+14~30 Hit). Your current poison coat ends if poison successfully applies to target. 5 Offensive
Weapon Blocking.png Weapon Blocking
You have 12~20% chance to block short ranged physical attacks. Whenever you block an attack this way, you can use Counter Slash or Weapon Crush but unable to move or use normal attacks. While it's active it continually drains SP. Re-using the skill cancels the effect. 5 Active
Weapon Crush.png Weapon Crush
When successfully blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking, you can counter using Weapon Crush. When used it divests the attacker's weapon. Increased skill level increases the success rate and duration. 5 Offensive

Job Bonuses

The job levels in which a Guillotine Cross receives a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 4 5 9 16 20 30 52 58
AGI 1 10 23 24 35 43 44 53 60
VIT 14 15 19 31 42 54
INT 28 29 41 48 56
DEX 2 11 25 36 37 49 50
LUK 51 59