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Job Base(s): Wizard
High Wizard
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Morroc
Number of Skills: 23
Total Skill Points: 106
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+1 +7 +6 +13 +8 +2



Warlocks are the advanced version of the Wizard class. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "WL". They offer two viable roles: The instant/fast cast killer and the crowd control support. Players will find that their roles in parties have drastically changed upon changing into this new class. No longer the primary DPS class most wanted for parties, but rather a fallback support class for controlling mobs and adding extra damage to finish off mobs. Still capable of great damage though, this class offers an interesting array of elemental skills to choose from and offers players several paths in which they can take. The water element tree offers great crowd control with Jack Frost. The earth element tree offers great PVP capabilities with the ability to strip players of their equipment. And the fire element tree offers a useful leveling skill (Crimson Rock) as well as the highest AOE attack skill in the Warlock's arsenal. Players also have the ability to "memorize" skills for instant casting at a later time, which can help with those long cast times.

Job Change Guide

See Warlock Job Change Guide for detailed information.

This test has a very bad reputation for being the hardest of the job change quests. While maybe not the hardest, it can be slightly difficult to an unprepared player. The test is basically broken down into two parts:

  • Hunting for two quest items off very high HP and high damage monsters
  • Surviving a room full of high HP and high damage monsters

The first part of this test sends the player into the New World just west of Camp Midgard. It is recommended to get a friend or guildmate to help the player with this portion, as it can get very overwhelming for an undergeared player. If soloing is the only option, it is strongly recommended to bring a teleport accessory or a lot of fly wings and healing items.

For the second part, the player will be locked in a small room and pitted against monsters with very high HP that also have high damage. This part may seem challenging, but is actually quite easy if the player is prepared. Here are some tips for making this test easy:

  • Stock up on both HP and SP healing items past the character's weight capacity. There is no time to regenerate HP/SP so there is no point on staying under 50% weight. Powerful healing items like Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds (or Green Ales if they are "in season") are a must. If the player does not have a healing hat/booster like a Witch Hat + Alarm Mask combo, then bring slim white potions. Mastela Fruits are also useful.
  • Increase HP potions. Wizards have a lower HP pool in general so these potions help a lot.
  • Water resistance gear like Water Armor or Coldproof Potions. Orlean's Gown + Swordfish Card is very recommendable for combining water element with unstoppable casting. If you use a one-handed staff, you can also equip a shield with Aqua Elemental Card or Hodremlin Card.
  • Wear equipment and cards that add HP. Some examples are Variant Shoes, Diabolus Shoes, or Orleans Gown with Pecopeco Card.
  • Hotkey the cast stones on the shortcut bar before entering the room.
  • When teleported into the quest room, do not panic. Gain perspective on the surroundings and immediately cast Storm Gust or Frost Nova. Use chain lightning on the mobs and then freeze them again if necessary.
  • Make sure to keep HP up enough to withstand monster skill attacks.
  • The Aqua Elementals do the most damage so target them first. They are weak against Jupitel Thunder or the Chain Lightning stone!
  • Hotkey level one of Storm Gust. This will keep the monsters mostly frozen, and the player won't have to heal as much.
  • Using a combination of Mystical Amplification and Jupitel Thunder on the frozen targets will do very high damage, if there are no more cast stones.

A Quick Explanation of Spellbook/Release: The basics to playing Warlock

With the addition of new powerful spells upon job change, players will now have access to 2 spells that allow for instant casting of learned spells. These 2 spells are:

Reading Spell Book.png Reading Spell Book
Release.png Release

The way this new system of casting works is that a player will have to purchase spellbooks from the Geffen Mage guild (the building where you changed into a mage). Once these spells are in inventory, players can cast Reading Spellbook and choose the spells of the books they currently own to 'memorize'. What this basically does is store up the spells in the warlocks memory to 'Release' when needed at a later time with no casting bar or cooldown delay (yes this bypasses the horrible 1 minute cooldown of Comet. That is where the Release spell comes in. Players will need level 1 Release to cast the memorized spell.

Each Warlock has a number of maximum slots in which they can memorize spells, based on their Base Level, INT and the level of Freezing Spell. This determines how many skills they can keep memorized at any given time. At level 150, a Warlock will have 15 slots, with an additional slot for every 10 int, and an additional 4 for every level of Freezing Spell. Slots = (4*Freezing Spell Lv) + floor(BLv/10) + floor(Int/10)


Basic Leveling Build (Comet)

  • STR: 1-20 (for carrying capacity)
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 96 (rounds out to 100 with job bonus)
  • INT: 100-120
  • DEX: Varies, 1-20 (relying on % cast reduction gear), 80-100 (relying on stats for cast reduction)
  • LUK: 50-80 (gives MATK)

This build is built for high damage output, and supporting a party (which becomes the primary role of warlocks later on). This is the recommended leveling build for a beginning player, as it is well rounded and can cater to players who might not have the budget to purchase cast reduction gear. This build will give the player basic status immunities while leveling. It can also be used for Endless Tower to aid in AOE damage and crowd control.


Jack Frost.png Jack Frost for crowd control

Crimson Rock.png Crimson Rock for early leveling

Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning for single target killing

Reading Spell Book.png Reading Spell BookRelease.png Release for instacast

Comet.png Comet for leveling on mobs

The primary skills will be controlling mobs with Jack Frost and Crimson Rock for damaging them. For higher HP monsters, spell booking Comet will be optimal, unless a Magic Strings is available for Chain Lightning spam. Due to its extremely long cast time, Comet is the optimal skill to "memorize" for spell book for Eden Gramps Turn In parties; otherwise other DPS classes will be clearing the monsters long before the Warlock is done casting. Regular Comet has a terrible one minute cooldown, which is another reason for it needing to be spellbooked. For optimal Crimson Rock damage, a Mora Crimson set (with an Empowered Staff at higher levels) is recommended.

Tetra Vortex Build

This build is based on Tetra Vortex, with maxed Freezing Spell, Frost Misty and Crimson Rock. This single target oriented build does well on PvP and WOE environment, and is great for MVP. Most of the skills in the branch for Recognized Spell are omitted except for Release (NOTE: Level 1 is as good as Level 2 to Release Spells) and Radius. One may choose to max Radius or Freezing Spell; some favor Radius utility in expense of Freezing Spell. Some common skill sets are Jack Frost + Chain Lightning spams, released Earth Strain and Wind Tetra Vortex on frozen targets / Fire Tetra Vortex on petrified targets. Released Storm Gust or Jupitel Thunder are good for displacement and distancing. Disclaimer: The lack of White Imprison and Stasis for crowd control requires the Warlock to have good team support to be feasible in WoE environment; fast cast is very important for this build in PvP environment.

Some Game Play Pointers:

  • If enemy is using Evil Druid Card, max Crimson Rock can usually one-shot.
  • If enemy has immunity, cast Earth spells to slow or petrify to buy time to switch element.
  • Use Release Level 1 Summoned Element Balls for checking out the target's element type.
  • Releasing Summoned Balls of opposite element as against the instant cast spells will result in a "Dual Element" attack.
  • the Summoned Elemental Balls do NOT have elemental factor for some servers = need clarification.

<= the Summoned Elemental Balls DO have elemental factor for iRO.

Disclaimer: This build is difficult to play for those who are reliant on White Imprison for crowd control.

For PvP/WoE Environment, Crimson Rock is not popular due to the preference on Fire Element Armors to negate Rune Knights' Dragon Breath.

'PURE' Comet DPS Build

This build themed on getting the most out of Comet while sacrificing almost all survivability. This build is not recommended unless there is a dedicated tank at all times, as "glass cannon" builds will become a nuisance to party members and find soloing extremely difficult. There are many variations but Comet and Freezing Spell are to be maxed with at least 1 Level in Recognized Spell - recommended to Max Recognized Spell - few can survive a max damage Amplified Comet, even fewer can survive max damage Comet Rain. The demand for pure damage is key; damage is never enough for this build. Mostly taken for Guild Support. Fast Casting Comet is useful in clearing the further backstage supports and hard choke points. Outstanding performance for anything when in a team of Warlocks with good Arch Bishop support - None can survive (Amplified) max damage Comet STORM... Use of White Imprison and Stasis is in high order for crowd control and survivability. Be Warned! Attempting this build is very difficult without support/funding in the later 100+ levels - especially if the intention is to max Radius, Marsh Of Abyss, White Imprison, Stasis and Recognized Spell altogether - some choose to max Soul Expansion as well due to extensive White Imprison usage.

Recommended Items:

Some Game Play Pointers:

Disclaimer: This build is the typical Glass Cannon.



5564.png Crown of Deceit [1]
5027.png Mage Hat

4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card
4052.png Elder Willow Card


2000.png Staff of Destruction [1]
1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness
2004.png Kronos


2138.png Bradium Shield [1]
2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1]


2365.png Orleans's Gown [1]


2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1]
4133.png Raydric Card
Spell enchants for faster cast speed
2576.png Heroic Backpack [1]
4133.png Raydric Card
2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]
4133.png Raydric Card


2423.png Variant Shoes

Great overall footgear for the HP and SP increase.


2607.png Clip
2788.png Bradium Earring
2873.png Cat Hand Glove

Card Suggestions:

4077.png Phen Card

This is needed for cast interruption protection. Using an Orleans's Gown will provide the same effect though and Orleans has better cast time reduction

Class Data


See Wizard Skills or High Wizard Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Reading Spell Book.png Reading Spell Book
Learning Magic Books by reading them previously and seal them up. 1 Active
Freezing Spell.png Freezing Spell
Increase the amount of spells that can be sealed with the skill Reading Spellbook. 5 Passive
Intensification.png Intensification
Increasing Ghost-type magic damage and reducing cast time and mana cost of spells. 5 Active
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active
Radius.png Radius
Increases the range of Warlock magic skills and decreases their casting time. 3 Passive
Drain Life.png Drain Life
Strikes a single target with magical damage, and absorb some of that damage as HP. 5 Offensive
Soul Expansion.png Soul Expansion
Strikes a target at long distance with ghost element damage. 5 Offensive
White Imprison.png White Imprison
Imprisons the target temporarily behind a white magic curtain, preventing them from moving. 5 Active
Stasis.png Stasis
Players in the effective range of the caster, including the caster, cannot cast spells. 5 Active
Recognized Spell.png Recognized Spell
By gaining a greater understanding of your magic, you can make all of your magic skills deal max damage. 5 Active
Marsh Of Abyss.png Marsh Of Abyss
Curse a target with the Marsh of Abyss, slowing their movement. It also decreases the target's Evasion and Physical Defence according to the caster's INT and job level. 5 Active
Crimson Rock.png Crimson Rock
Summons a huge meteorite on the target, striking all targets nearby. 5 Offensive
Hell Inferno.png Hell Inferno
Conjures the fires of hell to burn a target. The skill causes Burning status effect, which continually deals fire element damage over time. 5 Offensive
Comet.png Comet
Calls a comet from space to crash down into the ground dealing MATK * (10-30) ~ (18-50) neutral element damage based on distance from blast center within a 15x15 radius. The skill causes Burning status effect. 5 Offensive
Frost Misty.png Frost Misty
Covers a 15x15 area in a freezing mist, causing MATK * 3~7 * (blvl / 100) damage and inflicting Freezing status to targets that enter. 5 Offensive
Jack Frost.png Jack Frost
Deals MATK * 13~25 * (blvl / 100) water element damage to targets under Freezing status effect. 5 Offensive
Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning
Deals MATK * 5~17 * (blvl / 100) wind element damage to a single target. When a target is struck by Chain Lightning, it will also chain to enemies near the target. 5 Offensive
Sienna Execrate.png Sienna Execrate
Causes Petrification status to a single target and all targets nearby. 5 Active
Earth Strain.png Earth Strain
Causes the earth near you to shake and shoot up from below, dealing MATK * 21~25 * (blvl / 100) damage to those in range. Has a 6~50% chance of divesting weapon, helm, armor, shield and accessory on hit foes. 5 Offensive
Release.png Release
Throws your active Fire Ball, Lightning Ball, Water Ball and Stone that you currently have summoned to deal damage to a single target. 2 Offensive
Summon Fire Ball.png Summon Fire Ball
Summons a ball of fire near the caster. 5 Offensive
Summon Water Ball.png Summon Water Ball
Summons a ball of water near the caster. 5 Offensive
Summon Lightning Ball.png Summon Lightning Ball
Summons a ball of lightning near the caster. 5 Offensive
Summon Stone.png Summon Stone
Summons a magic stone near the caster. 5 Offensive
Tetra Vortex.png Tetra Vortex
Deals 4 blows to target foe, each hitting for MATK * 10~30 magic damage. Element of summoned stones determine the element of each hit. Causes one status effect from Burning, Freezing, Stun, and Bleeding status ailments. 5 Offensive

Skill Tree

Skilltree warlock.png

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13
STR 34
AGI 8 20 29 40 47 54 58
VIT 15 18 24 25 52 57
INT 1 2 7 12 23 35 36 41 44 45 50 55 60
DEX 3 6 13 19 28 39 51 59
LUK 31 53

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