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Malangdo Costume Enchants

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You can enchant your costume on a building in Malangdo . There are 3 NPC responsible in enchanting inside: Designer Heidam, Aver De Dosh and Lace La Zard.


Enchanting a Costume

Talk to Aver De Dosh to enchant the Headgear Costume and Lace La Zard for Garment Costume.

  • You must have both costume and the stone to perform the enchantment.
  • Enchantment has 50% chance to fail.
  • If it is failed, only the stone will disappear while the costume remains.
  • Enchant cannot be resetted.

Enchantable Costume

Kit Costume Box

Kit Costume Box can be purchase from Kafra Shop. It contain 1 random costume from this list:

Kit Costume Box
Head (Upper) Head (Middle) Garment
19654.png Costume: Captain Carocc's Hat 20146.png Costume: Angel's Masquerade 20746.png Costume: Rudra's Grace
19608.png Costume: Chick Hat 20147.png Costume: Pigeon On Shoulder
19721.png Costume: Darkness Helm 20145.png Costume: Robo Eye -
19823.png Costume: Kitsune Mask Hood (Upper, Middle) -
19712.png Costume: Little Angel Doll - -
19876.png Costume: Rabbit Ear Hat - -
19907.png Costume Beautiful Phantom Mask - -
20036.png Costume: Sword Master's Crown - -


14 pieces of Kitcoin can be trade to Designer Heidam for 1 random costume as mentioned above. Kitcoin Purse contain 14 pieces of Kitcon that can be purchase from Kafra Shop or buying from players.

Obtained In-Game / Cash Shop

There are also some costumes that are eligible for enchantment that can be obtained in game (via quest), cash shop and lucky box.

Head (Upper)
31119.png Costume: Blue Magician Hat
20317.png Costume: CatEar Cyber Headphone
31123.png Costume: Ghostring Tall Hat
20450.png Costume: Gram Peony
20038.png Costume: Haunted Armor Helm
19915.png Costume: Little Devil S Horn
20018.png Costume: Long Wolf Ears
19597.png Costume: Magic Eyes
20278.png Costume: Man's Pride
20398.png Costume: Niffleheim Bunny Hat
20451.png Costume: Night Sky of Memory
20266.png Costume: Secret Zipper
20113.png Costume: Star Reading Hat
Head (Middle)
31122.png Costume: Bloody ViciousStop Bandage
20318.png Costume: Charleston's Antenna
19787.png Costume: Devoted Eyes
20430.png Costume: Loyal Servant of Morocc
20314.png Costume: New Wave Sunglasses
5912.png Costume: Servant Devilring
31120.png Costume: Vampire Familiar
Head (Low)
20315.png Costume: Analyzing Eye
20034.png Costume: Castle Bat
19552.png Costume: Centimental Flower
31121.png Costume: Bat Stole
20285.png Costume: Fluttering Cherryblossom
19513.png Costume: Chicken Beak
19785.png Costume: Crunch Toast
31087.png Costume: Dwarf Beard
20405.png Costume: Eremes Scarf
19783.png Costume: Grandpa Stache
19514.png Costume: Old Timey Mustache
20363.png Costume: Ponytail*
20407.png Costume: Red Subject Aura
19636.png Costume: Rudolf Nose
20370.png Costume: Twin Ponytail*
Head (Mix)
31118.png Costume: Assassin Skull Mask
20300.png Costume: Hill Wind Mask
31117.png Costume: Hoplite Helmet
19823.png Costume: Kitsune Mask Hood
20500.png Costume: Archangel Wing
20763.png Costume: Amistr Bag
  • Including the other color of Costume: Ponytail and Costume: Twin Ponytail

Enchantment Stone

Exchanging from Costumes
Designer Heidam will trade 1 Costume into 1 Enchant Stone. He will take a costume RANDOMLY FROM YOUR INVENTORY. So, it is a good idea to put some costume you want to keep on cart first.
Enchanment Box Costume Box Content
22826.png Costume Enchantment
Stone Box
All Kit Costume
22868.png Costume Enchantment
Stone Box 5
  • ATK Stone (Upper) x1
  • MATK Stone (Upper) x1
  • STR Stone (Middle) x1
  • INT Stone (Middle) x1
  • AGI Stone (Middle) x1
  • DEX Stone (Middle) x1
  • VIT Stone (Middle) x1
  • LUK Stone (Middle) x1
  • HP Stone (Lower) x1
  • SP Absorption Stone (Upper) x1
22905.png Costume Enchantment
Stone Box 6
  • ATK Stone (Upper) x1
  • MATK Stone (Upper) x1
  • STR Stone (Middle) x1
  • INT Stone (Middle) x1
  • AGI Stone (Middle) x1
  • DEX Stone (Middle) x1
  • VIT Stone (Middle) x1
  • LUK Stone (Middle) x1
  • HP Stone (Lower) x1
  • HP Absorption Stone (Garment) x1
  • SP Absorption Stone (Garment) x1
  • SP Absorption Stone (Upper) x1
Treasure Box Drop
Treasure boxes in Wave Mode Dungeon Sky Mode have a chance to drop the following stones below. Other stones can only be obtained from exchanging costume method.
  • CRI Stone (Slot 1)
  • HP+50 Stone (Slot 2)
  • Magic Stone (Slot 2)

List of Enchant Stones

This is the list of enchant stones available. The "slot" in the Stone item's name and description refers to the costume placement: slot 1 means head upper, slot 2 means head middle, and slot 3 means head lower.

Slot Enchant Stone Stat
Head (Upper) 6636.png STR Stone(slot 1) STR + 1
6638.png AGI Stone(slot 1) AGI + 1
6637.png INT Stone(slot 1) INT +1
6640.png VIT Stone(slot 1) VIT + 1
6639.png DEX Stone(slot 1) DEX + 1
6641.png LUK Stone(slot 1) LUK + 1
6716.png CRI Stone(slot 1) Critical + 1
6943.png ATK Stone(Upper) ATK + 1%
6944.png MATK Stone(Upper) MATK + 1%
6790.png Bing Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to big monsters.
6791.png Medium Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to mid-sized monsters.
6740.png Recovery Stone(slot 1) HP recovery by Heal, items + 2%.
6741.png Recovery Skill Stone(slot 1) Increases healing power by 3%.
6792.png Small Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to small-sized monsters.
25000.png SP Absorption Stone(Upper) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into SP with 1% chance.
Head (Middle)
6945.png STR Stone(MIddle) STR + 1
6947.png AGI Stone(Middle) AGI + 1
6949.png VIT Stone(Middle) VIT + 1
6946.png INT Stone(Middle) INT + 1
6948.png DEX Stone(Middle) DEX + 1
6950.png LUK Stone(Middle) LUK + 1
6743.png HP+1% Stone(slot 2) MaxHP + 1%
6717.png HP+50 Stone(slot 2) Max HP + 50
6744.png SP Stone(slot 2) Max SP + 1%
6642.png ATK Stone(slot 2) ATK + 1%
6643.png MATK Stone(slot 2) MATK + 1%
6742.png Recovery Stone(slot 2) Every 10 sec, recover 10 HP.
Head (Low) 6644.png HIT Stone(slot 3) HIT + 1
6645.png FLEE Stone(slot 3) FLEE + 1
6718.png Magic Stone(slot 3) SP + 10
6745.png Recovery Stone(slot 3) When enemies got killed by your Physical attacking, Magical attacking, recover 1 SP.
6951.png HP Stone(Lower) MaxHP + 1%
Garment 6908.png ASPD Stone(Garment) ASPD + 1
6963.png HP Absorption Stone(Garment) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into HP with 1% chance.
6964.png SP Absorption Stone(Garment) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into SP with 1% chance.