Light of El Dicastes Enchants

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Kareka inside the El Dicastes Factory (dicastes01 96, 257) will enchant the three hidden slots of the 2844.png Light of El Dicastes.
Enchanting the first slot costs 1 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
Atk +2% or 3%
Matk +1% or 2%
Crit +5 or 7
Flee +6 or 12
Enchanting the 2nd slot costs 2 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
Agi +1 or 2
Dex +1 or 2
Int +1 or 2
Enchanting the 3rd slot costs 3 Sapha Certification, with same possible results as slot 2.
If the enchantments the item winds up with are not what the player desires, for 6 Sapha Certifications, Kareka will trade the enchanted Light of El Dicastes for an unenchanted one, allowing the player to redo the enchantment process until they are satisfied.