Holy Light

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Holy Light.png Holy Light
Holy Light Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 15
Fixed Cast Time: 0.2 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 0.8 seconds
Cast Delay: ASPD
Target: Enemy
Range: Magic
Property: Holy
In order to gain this skill, the player has to complete a quest.

Holy Light (Alt: Holy Light) is a 1st class offensive skill available as Acolyte. This skill can only be learned through a certain quest.


Inflicts 125% Holy property Magic Damage to a single target.


  • This skill can inflict damage to any monster, even if they are not Undead or Demon races, as long as the monster is not of Holy property.
  • This skill immediately knocks Kyrie Eleison off when used on another player, even if it misses (i.e. the damage is negated entirely).


Enhanced by


This page has the previous version of this skill before the 2020 skill updates.


  • May 1st, 2020
    • Fixed casting time and variable casting time reduced by 50%.