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Kaina.png Kaina
Kaina Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 7
(TaeKwon Kid) Happy Break Lv. 1

Kaina (Alt: Kaina) is an Expanded class passive skill available as Soul Linker.


Enhances Max SP and the efficiency of the Happy Break skill. This skill also reduces the SP Cost of the Estin, Estun and Esma skills by the following amount:

  • Base Lv70: 3% per level learned.
  • Base Lv80: 5% per level learned.
  • Base Lv90: 7% per level learned.
Level Max SP Bonus Effect Bonus
1 30 40%
2 60 50%
3 90 60%
4 120 70%
5 150 80%
6 180 90%
7 210 100%

Known Bugs & Glitches

  • euRO: Affected skills cannot be cast with reduced SP Cost when the user has less than the whole SP Cost for skill SP available.