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Eswoo.png Eswoo
Eswoo Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 7, fixed
SP Cost: 85 − (Skill Level × 10)
Fixed Cast Time: 0.2 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 0.8 seconds
Cast Delay: 0.5 seconds
Duration: (Skill Level) seconds
Target: Monster
Range: Magic
(Soul Linker) Priest Spirit Lv. 1

Eswoo (Alt: Eswoo) is an Expanded class active skill available as Soul Linker. As an Es- skill, this can only be used on monsters.


Shrinks a targeted monster temporarily to reduce its Movement Speed. If this skill is cast on a monster that is already shrunk, the caster will be stunned and the target will regain its status more quickly.

Level Duration SP Cost
1 1s 75
2 2s 65
3 3s 55
4 4s 45
5 5s 35
6 6s 25
7 7s 15


  • Boss monsters will only be shrunk for 20% of the normal duration of this skill.