Soul Linker Job Change Guide

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Soul Linker Job Change Guide
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Job Class: TaeKwon Kid
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 3carat Diamond, 1 Immortal Heart, 1 Witherless Rose
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Soul Linker
  1. Find the tavern at 10 O'clock in Morroc morocc55259.
  2. Speak with the "Kid" inside the tavern. She will ask you to bring her some items:
  3. After you give her the items, she tell you the end of her story.
  4. Speak with her again, and she will guide the player into their own mind. Speak with each of the NPCs (Monk Spirit, Alchemist Spirit, and Sage Spirit).
  5. Then, speak with the Kid again.
  6. The player will be promoted to Soul Linker after embracing the requests of the spirits.