Trick or Treat Halloween Celebration 2018

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Trick or Treat Halloween Celebration 2018
Base Level: 1
Job Level: 1
Item(s): varies
Event Notice

Active after 10/25/2018 maintenance through Thanksgiving week 2018


First introduced as part of the 2011 Halloween Event, this encounter inside of a town is part of the 2018 Halloween celebration which also includes Spooky Machine cracked buckler event. Encounters with trick-or-treaters occur in Izlude, Payon, and Prontera.


1. Walk near any of the following locations until a voice asks you if you want a trick or treat:

Locations in Izlude:

  • East side of town outside of the former Hall of Fame building izlude 207151
  • North side of town by the red herb Criatura Academy Student izlude 140249
  • Southeast area near the airship izlude 18881
  • West side of town in the small park with a statue izlude 62208
  • Izlude Town Square green spot izlude 133171
  • Grassy green spot by the south west exit to prontera field izlude 50106
  • South side of town grassy area izlude 12452

Location in Al De Baran:

  • Bridge south of the clock tower aldebaran 14463
  • Near the Kafra Voting Staff aldebaran 149103

Location in Payon:

  • Outside of the tool shop payon 14977

Location in Prontera:

  • Statue north of Prontera's central square prontera 155283
  • Next to Eden NPC at entrance to Prontera Castle prontera 166326

Note: Walking near any of the above locations will reveal the Costumed Child trick-or-treater which allows you to talk with him. Waiting near this location is the easiest way to begin the conversation. If you respawn it will go away. After each offer is finished, there is a short cool down before another trick or treat opportunity will be offered.

Note: This list is currently incomplete for Payon and Prontera.

2. You have several choices among which are to offer a treat (candy, candy cane, well-baked cookie), demand a trick, or offer zeny. Each has different results.

If you offer a treat of any of the following items:

The trick-or-treater gives you something random in return such as 15 butterfly wings, 5 Chocolate, ASPD boost, or 30 minute bonus experience rate.

If you demand a trick, your sprite will be changed to that of a monster such as the Jakk from Geffen dungeon.

If you offer zeny, your sprite will be changed to that of a monster such as the Quve from Niffleheim.