Spirit of Land

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Spirit of Land.png Spirit of Land
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 1
(Summoner) Nyang Grass Lv. 5

Spirit of Land (Alt: Spirit of Land) is a Doram advanced passive skill available as Summoner.


Adds an effect on the user for 3 seconds when the following skills are cast:

Skills Additional Effect
Silvervine Stem Spear.png Silvervine Stem Spear
Increases Movement Speed.
Silvervine Root Twist.png Silvervine Root Twist
Increases Magic Attack by Base Level.
Catnip Meteor.png Catnip Meteor
May autocast Silvervine Stem Spear on the attacker when taking magic damage or ranged physical damage.
Catnip Powdering.png Catnip Powdering
Increases Perfect Dodge by Base Level ÷ 12.
Nyang Grass.png Nyang Grass
Increases Magic Attack by Base Level.