Spirit of Sea

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Spirit of Sea.png Spirit of Sea
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 1
(Summoner) Tasty Shrimp Party Lv. 5

Spirit of Sea (Alt: Spirit of Sea) is a Doram advanced passive skill available as Summoner.


Gives an additional effect to the following skills:

Skills Additional Effect
Fresh Shrimp.png Fresh Shrimp
Doubles effectiveness.
Bunch of Shrimp.png Bunch of Shrimp
Extends duration by 120 seconds and increases Attack and Magic Attack.
Tuna Belly.png Tuna Belly
Shortens cooldown by 5 seconds.
Tuna Party.png Tuna Party
Increases Tuna defense.
Tasty Shrimp Party.png Tasty Shrimp Party
Doubles effectiveness.