Silvervine Root Twist

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Silvervine Root Twist.png Silvervine Root Twist
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5, fixed
SP Cost: ?
Cast Time: Instant?
Variable Cast Time: ?
Cast Delay: ?
Duration: 7~15 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: ? cells
Status Icon: I Silvervine Root Twist.png
(Summoner) Silvervine Stem Spear Lv. 3

SV Root Twist (Alt: Silvervine Root Twist) is a Doram initial plant-based offensive skill available as Summoner.


Prevents the target from moving, and causes 100 fixed [Poison] damage per second

Level Duration
1 7s
2 9s
3 11s
4 13s
5 15s