Ayothaya Dungeon

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The Ayothaya dungeon is a Dungeon located near the town of Ayothaya. It is basically a specialist dungeon for Job EXP and Base EXP for floors 1 and 2 respectively.


You must complete the Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest until step 3 to get into Ayothaya Field 2, the map residing right outside the dungeon. Then you must complete the quest entirely to get into the Ayothaya Dungeon 2nd Floor. There are no other requirements. However, consider bringing fly wings to get you through the dungeon if you need to (it's shaped like a maze). Also prepare elemental weapons, to combat the ghost-element Whispers.


Here's a simple guide: If you're looking for job EXP, go for the first floor. If you're looking for base, try the second. If you want a mix, the field will also do fine.

The Field

Outside of the dungeon is Ayothaya Field 2, home to Leaf Cats, Wootan Fighters, and Beetle Kings. It is a generally peaceful map, but the Fire element Wootans are a big annoyance, and have a tendency to ambush players. The map is not very confusing, just follow the central line.


  • You will need considerable HIT to attack many of the monsters here.
  • Wootan Fighters have Magnum Break. Be careful when in groups.
  • Magicians can try to using Fire Wall against Leaf Cats. Be weary of the Wootans, because, being of fire element, you will need different tactics to combat them.
  • There are snipe-able areas in this field, for Archer or Gunslinger classes. Again, watch your back.
  • This is an excellent area to gather up Job EXP. Leaf Cats offer a ton of Job EXP for almost no base, allowing you to hit even job 50 relatively quickly.
  • Beetle Kings have Assist in their AI, means if you hit one while the others are near, the others might attack you too. Be careful of them, too.

Ayothaya Dungeon 1st Floor

In the 1st Floor, you will find more Leaf Cats, but they are accompanied by undead Ghouls, ghost Whispers, and, most annoyingly, fast-moving, ghost-element Krabens. Shaped like a maze, this is still a good place to hunt out Leaf Cats, if you can evade everything else.


  • Be very careful of Krabens. They can be lethal for lower level characters, and are annoying to take out as well. You will have difficulty running away because of their movement speed.

Ayothaya Dungeon 2nd Floor

This 2nd Floor is filled with shadow-element Tamruans, as well as Krabens. Tamruans offer nice Base EXP, but nearly no Job EXP. Tamruans constantly attempt to Silence players, therefore you should wear a headgear with an Marduc card to avoid Silence. An MVP, Lady Tanee, also spawns here. While shet isn't very powerful, Lady Tanee loves using Teleport, and can suddenly appear in front of you. Her Kraben mob can deal some serious damage if they are able to reach you. You can maximize your EXP/hr if you put the Kraben in one or two corner(s).