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Race: Formless
Feed: Big Cell
Average Stat Growth
HP: +360
SP: +80
+2.57 +1.5 +2.26 +2.27 +1.94 +0.54


  • Fastest to level due to a good AoE homunculus skills and you get it early (level 109), and the fire element is good in most places. Later on, Magma Flow provides good damage for manual attended leveling.
  • Pyroclastic is the best Homunculus damage buff skill to the owner, and Granitic Armor can be useful in certain situations.
  • Volcanic Ash is a good debuff homunculus skill to enemies as well.
  • Regardless of your base homunculus, most of their stats will be capped sooner or later and removes their stats cons (example: Amistr has poor INT).
  • Many useful skills and is probably the most popular Homunculus S.


  • Need to be max level to maximize Pyroclastic.
  • Pyroclastic can backfire if you are targeting fire element monsters or any monster that has fire resistance. Also if you equip the wrong weapon, you can't switch weapon until it expires. This buff also can't be removed once it's cast and can't be dispelled.
  • Very bad ASPD after mutation, making leveling painful until Lava Slide is unlocked. Can be alleviated slightly if pre-S homunculus was a Vanilmirth / Filir.

Homunculus Data


Level up bonus chance:

Level up bonus STR AGI VIT INT DEX LUK
+0 - - - - - 6/13 (46.15%)
+1 - 7/14 (50%) 2/19 (10.53%) 5/26 (19.23%) 4/17 (23.53%) 7/13 (53.85%)
+2 10/21 (47.62%) 7/14 (50%) 10/19 (52.63%) 10/26 (38.46%) 10/17 (58.82%) -
+3 10/21 (47.62%) - 7/19 (36.84%) 10/26 (38.46%) 3/17 (17.65%) -
+4 1/21 (4.76%) - - 1/26 (3.85%) - -


Skill Description Levels Type Level Unlocked
Volcanic Ash.png Volcanic Ash
Spreads Volcanic Ash in a 3x3 AoE on the ground. Targets within the AoE will be inflicted with the Ash status effect. 5 Offensive 102
Lava Slide.png Lava Slide
Dieter sprays Lava on the ground, dealing Fire-element damage and by chance inflicting Burning status on targets within the AoE. 10 Offensive 109
Granitic Armor.png Granitic Armor
The homunculus covers itself and the Geneticist in Granite Armor, reducing the damage taken by both. 5 Supportive 116
Magma Flow.png Magma Flow
Every time Dieter takes damage, targets within range will by chance be damaged by magma spray. 5 Offensive 122
Pyroclastic.png Pyroclastic
Converts both the homunculus' and Geneticist's weapons to Fire-element and increases ATK. 10 Supportive 131


Card art only aviable to see in a quest.