Pain Killer

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Pain Killer.png Pain Killer
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 44 + (Skill Level x 4)
Fixed Cast Time: Varies
Variable Cast Time: Varies
Duration: 10 + (Skill Level x 10) seconds
Target: Owner and Ally
Range: 1 cells
Status: Pain Killer and Endure
Status Icon: I PainKiller.png
(Sera) Level 123

Pain Killer (Alt: Pain Killer) is a Homunculus S exclusive active skill available to Sera.


Sera attacks a target with a paralyzing poison, slowing the target's ASPD and decreasing the damage it receives. Targets inflicted with the Paralysis status will be under the Endure status for the skill's duration.

Level Cast Time (Fixed + Variable) Duration SP Cost
1 (1 + 1) seconds 20 seconds 48
2 (.8 + 1.2) seconds 30 seconds 52
3 (.6 + 1.4) seconds 40 seconds 56
4 (.4 + 1.6) seconds 50 seconds 60
5 (.2 + 1.8) seconds 60 seconds 64


  • The damage reduction provided is a flat reduction of (SkillLevel*200)*(HomunculusLevel/150) upto a maximum of 1000.
  • The damage reduction is applied after all % based reductions with the exception of Mental Strength.
  • The Endure effect is lost upon receiving 7 hits.
  • Skills that hit more than once (e.g. - Firebolt) will have the damage reduction applied to each hit.
  • Skills that hit more than once but calculate the entire damage and then divide by number of hits (e.g. - Arrow Storm) will have the damage reduction apply only once.