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Race: Angel
Feed: Small Snow Flower
Average Stat Growth
HP: +100
SP: +31
+2.11 +3.07 +1.55 +2.63 +2.14 +0.9

What is an Eira?

An Eira is one of the creatures available for Geneticist who have completed the mutation procedure from any of the base Homunculi.

Mostly a speed oriented Homunculus, with magic offensive skills that deal either Wind or Neutral property damage. Eira requires the consumption of Small Snow Flowers for feeding.

Eira and Geneticist Builds

Due to how Eira's Overed Boost works, VIT builds will be the most benefited from it while AGI builds will get the least of it. This is because the boost doesn't depend on the owner's stats. The ASPD given by Overed Boost has some advantages regardless of the Geneticist's build, like attacking Plant Mode foes (Emperium, Malaya Plants, etc.) and ASPD based skill delay. Some pros and cons may differ depending on which base Homunculus she mutated from.



  • Due to the faster Intimacy gain with Overed Boost, this also means a large amount of food is needed (most expensive Homunculus to feed).
  • Light of Regenerate consumes Intimacy when skill is cast, whether or not the player is resurrected.
  • High level skills have a rather long cast time.

Homunculus Data


Level up bonus chance:

Level up bonus STR AGI VIT INT DEX LUK
+0 - - - - - 1/10 (10%)
+1 7/27 (25.93%) - 5/11 (45.45%) 6/35 (17.14%) 4/21 (19.05%) 9/10 (90%)
+2 10/27 (37.04%) 2/15 (13.33%) 6/11 (54.55%) 10/35 (28.57%) 10/21 (47.62%) -
+3 10/27 (37.04%) 10/15 (66.67%) - 10/35 (28.57%) 7/21 (33.33%) -
+4 - 3/15 (20%) - 9/35 (25.71%) - -


Skill Description Levels Type Level Unlocked
Eraser Cutter.png Eraser Cutter
Releases sonic blades to a single target to deal MATK ×900~2,700% damage. 10 Offensive 106
Overed Boost.png Overed Boost
Sets Eira's and owner's Flee rate and ASPD to 340~500 and 181~189, respectively, for 30~90 seconds. 5 Supportive 114
Xeno Slasher.png Xeno Slasher
Releases wind blades in a targeted area to deal MATK ×500~3,200% damage to all enemies in a 3x3~9x9 area and has a chance to cause Bleeding status. 10 Offensive 121
Light of Regenerate.png Light of Regenerate
Allows to go into Passive Mode to revive the owner if dies within 6~10 minutes. Drops Intimacy to Neutral. Requires Cordial Intimacy. 5 Supportive 128
Silent Breeze.png Silent Breeze
Restores HP to a single target and inflicts Silence status upon it, which overrides other Status Effects from the target. 5 Supportive 137