C.B.C (Continual Break Combo)

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C.B.C (Continual Break Combo).png C.B.C (Continual Break Combo)
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: (Skill Level x 10)
Duration: Varies
Target: Foe
Range: 1 cells
(Eleanor) Level 112

C.B.C (Continual Break Combo) (Alt: CBC) is a Homunculus S exclusive offensive skill available to Eleanor.


Used as a combo-attack within 2 seconds after using Tinder Breaker. Deals damage and slowly depletes a target's SP. If used on a monster, an additional (SP Loss * 10) HP damage will be dealt.

Level SP Cost
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50


  • Consumes 1 Spirit Sphere. E.Q.C (Eternal Quick Combo) can be cast within 2 seconds following C.B.C (Continual Break Combo) to finish the combo.
  • Both Eleanor and the target cannot move (similar to being in Close Confine) for the skill's duration and have their Flee reduced to 0.
  • The duration of the skill is dependent on the difference between Eleanor's and the target's STR.