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Stein Wand

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Stein Wand.png Stein Wand
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
Cast Time: 1 second
Target: Master and Bayeri
Level 121 Bayeri

Stein Wand (Alt: Stein Wand) is a Homunculus S exclusive supportive skill available to Bayeri.


Casts Safety Wall on the homunculus and the Geneticist. Homunculus-cast Safety Wall is identical to player-cast Safety Wall, except for the skill duration and number of attacks blocked.

Level Attacks Blocked Duration SP Cost
1 5 30 seconds 80
2 6 45 seconds 90
3 7 60 seconds 100
4 8 75 seconds 110
5 9 90 seconds 120


  • Stein Wand is German for "Stone Wall".