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NPC Skill Icon.png Earthquake
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
Target: Self
Area: 11x11 ~ 27x27
Property: Neutral

Earthquake (Alt: Earthquake) is an offensive skill exclusive to monsters.


Inflicts 3 separate instances of Neutral property magic damage, based on the user's Physical Attack, to all players in a set area around the user. The damage inflicted is split across all players hit by this skill.

Level Damage (ATK) Area of Effect
1 300% 11x11
2 500% 15x15
3 600% 19x19
4 800% 23x23
5 1,000% 27x27
6 1,200% 11x11
7 1,300% 15x15
8 1,500% 19x19
9 1,600% 23x23
10 1,800% 27x27


  • Damage can be reduced by Energy Coat, Mental Strength, Stoop and Ghostring card.
  • This skill works by targetting the user and will take elemental weakness into account, before splashing it as Neutral damage to enemies. Damage can be increased by wearing an armor with weakness to the user's elemental weapon, e.g. water armor with a wind weapon. Alice-carded shield will also amplify the damage.
  • Having the most players possible in the area is ideal, as the damage will be more spread out.
  • Mercenaries and homunculi also count as valid targets and will reduce the damage taken.
  • When the monster using the skill goes into Power Up, the damage of this skill is also multiplied by 3.
  • Wearing a Golden Thiefbug carded equipment will enable the user to avoid being hit.
  • Damage is recalculated on each of the three hits. If characters die during the first or second hit of this skill, the damage of subsequent hits will no longer be divided amongst them.


The following skills do not block Earthquake:

The following skills can block one hit of Earthquake:

Note that these skills can only prevent the first hit, leaving them vulnerable for the next two hits.

The following skill can block Earthquake:

Note that you must place this under the caster not on yourself.

The following skills can dodge Earthquake by chance:

It's possible to dodge all waves by chance

Magic nullifying and armor element can reduce Earthquake damage:

Neutral element reduction (non-armor) and ranged reduction DO NOT reduce Earthquake:


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