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Maelstrom.png Maelstrom
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 3
Cast Delay: 2 sec
Duration: (7 * Lv.) sec
Target: Ground
Area of Effect: 5x5
Catalyst: 2 Surface Paint
(Shadow Chaser) Chaos Panic Lv. 3, Masquerade-Unlucky Lv. 3


Paint a swirling circle (5x5 area) on the ground that absorbs certain ground-targeted skills.

Level SP cost Duration
1 50 7 sec
2 55 14 sec
3 60 21 sec

Additional Info

SP Recovery: {(Maelstrom Skill LevelxAbsorbed Skill Level)+(Caster's Job/5)}/2

  • Does not recover SP from absorbed traps or monster skills

Consumes 2 Surface Paint and 1 Paint Brush.

Cast Time: 2 seconds

After-cast: 2 seconds

Re-use delay: None

Range: 7 cells

Maelstrom is a unique skill that treats the effected areas like dead cells. Any ground targetted skill that does not work on a dead cell will not work on areas effected by Maelstrom.

Prevents ground paint and AoE magic working or casted within the area.

Prevents traps from being placed within AoE.

Other traps can be pushed in and/or damage targets inside AoE.

Shields enemies, allies and user who steps within its AoE.

Magnetic Earth prevents casting of this skill.

Does not clear already placed traps or other static ground based skills eg. Sage's Elemental fields.