Divest Accessory

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Divest Accessory.png Divest Accessory
Divest Accessory Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 12 + (3 * Lv.)
Cast Time:  ?
Cast Delay:  ?
Duration: 50 + (10 * Lv.) sec (modified)
Target: Player, Monster
Range: 3 cells cells
Status: Divest
Status Icon: I Divest Accessory.png
(Rogue) Divest Weapon Lv. 1


Forcibly strip both accessories off a target. While used on players, the target cannot equip accessories for period of time. Used in PvM, this skill decreases the DEX, LUK, and INT of a monster by 20% for a short amount of time. The skill has a base success rate of 14%, and duration of 60 seconds, which is improved with higher skill levels and adjusted by the difference in DEX between you and the target.

Skill Level Success Rate Duration SP Cost
1 14% 60 sec 15
2 16% 70 sec 18
3 18% 80 sec 21
4 20% 90 sec 24
5 22% 100 sec 27


Cast Time: 1 second

After-cast: 1 second (after success)

Re-use delay: None

Works on players trapped in Man Hole.

Full Strip does not include this skill in its calculation.

Currently no methods of preventing such debuff.