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Reflect Damage

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Reflect Damage.png Reflect Damage
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 20 + (10 * Skill Level)
Cast Delay: Instant
Duration: 300 seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: 7x7
Equipment: Shield
(Crusader) Shield Reflect Lv. 5


Shield exclusive skill. When receiving physical damage part of the damage has a chance to be returned in a 7x7 area centered on the user. While active, this skill drains 10 SP per second. This skill cannot be used with Shield Reflect.

Level Damage Reflected Reflect Chance Maximum Reflects SP Cost
1 20% 40% 30 30
2 25% 50% 35 40
3 30% 60% 40 50
4 35% 70% 45 60
5 40% 80% 50 70


  • Reflects a portion of the damage you receive including redirected damage (Shadow Formation, Sacrifice) in a 7x7 AoE.
  • Reflects only physical melee damage.
  • Reflected damage cannot be evaded or reduced by any means.
  • Reflected damage cannot be reflected again by any other damage reflecting methods (Valkyrian Manteau [1], Shield Reflect, Reflect Damage)
  • Reflect Damage ends if you have your shield unequipped or destroyed.
  • Reflect Damage cancels if SP upkeep cost is not met.
  • Reflect Damage is not canceled by Dispell.
  • The maximum you can reflect per hit is equal to: Max HP * (Base Level / 100)
  • On iRO, this skill is disabled in certain instances, including Endless Tower and Nidhoggur's Nest.