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Exceed Break

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Exceed Break.png Exceed Break
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 20 + (4 * SkillLvl)
Cast Time: 4.5 + (0.5 * SkillLvl) seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Duration: 1 normal attack
Target: Self
(Royal Guard) Vanishing Point Lv. 3

Collects your strength, so your next attack deals large damage. You can move while casting this skill but your movement speed is reduced. Casting can be interrupted. Exceed Break does not increase skill damage (works on normal attacks only). Caster's Base level, Job level, the weapon's weight and level influence the damage.

Damage formula: ATK [{(Skill level * 100) + (Job Level * 10)} + (Weapon Weight * Weapon Level) * (Base Level / 100)] %

Level Attack Boost Cast Time (Variable) Movement Penalty SP Cost
1 +100% 5 seconds -50% 24
2 +200% 5.5 seconds -40% 28
3 +300% 6 seconds -30% 32
4 +400% 6.5 seconds -20% 36
5 +500% 7 seconds -10% 40


  • Is a self buff. Lasts for one normal attack only.
  • This also means Exceed Break can crit for 1.4x damage, and will work with Double Attack for 2x damage (if Double Attack triggers).
  • Does not increase skill damage.
  • Using skills will not remove Exceed Break.
  • Movespeed reduction only occurs when casting the spell. Movespeed returns to normal when you finish casting.
  • Exceed break is not removed when receiving damage.
  • Martyr's Reckoning has higher priority over Exceed Break. If both are casted, the first 5 hits will be MR, and the 6th hit will be Exceed Break.
  • Exceed Break can miss and is canceled if it misses.
  • Weapon weight and weapon level influences damage.
  • Exceed Break cancels if you switch weapons.