Homunculus S Quest

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Homunculus S Quest
Base Level: 99
Job Class: Geneticist
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Evolved Level 99 Homunculus
Zeny: 50,000 (Optional)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Bioethics Quest
Quest Reward(s): Evolve Homunculus into an "S" form
  1. In the Geneticist guild in Lighthalzen speak with Viorel job3_gen011244.
    • Agree to visit Viorel's home and he will teleported you to his house.
  2. Talk to him again, and explore Homunculus Mutation System. He will send you to Jeyna.
  3. Talk to Jeyna; she will ask you to check the Magic Board behind her. This will give brief explanation of the Homunculus S.
    Jeyna.png MagicBoard-HomunS.png
  4. Talk to Jeyna again. If you agreed to proceed, she will transform your Homunculus back to a Strange Embryo.
    • Talk to her again and she will send you to Viorel.
  5. Talk to Viorel. He will give you and option to pay 50,000 zeny for a stabilized mutation, or not pay at all but receive unstable mutation.
    • Choose to pay in order to choose the Homunculus S that you like. He will then transform the embryo to your chosen Homunculus S.
    • Talk to him again to leave the place.