El Dicastes

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El Dicastes is a town in the New World.


Kamidal Tunnel

See Sapha's Visit for access (only step 8 needs to be completed).

Scaraba Hall

The "second level" of Kamidal Tunnel. This is a very popular leveling dungeon, with Insect, Medium, and Earth property monsters. There is also an MVP (Queen Scaraba) in this dungeon. See Doha's Secret Orders for access (only step 7 needs to be completed).

Nightmare Mode Scaraba Hall

Enhanced golden scaraba's hall, They use a variety of skills and very toughness.

Hall's admission requires Scaraba Perfume. Curious Sapha

sell perfume in Kamidal Tunnel.
Entrance gatekeeper are Dirty Vigilante

, He stay next to gatekeeper of normal scaraba.