Dual Wielding

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Dual Wielding or Dual Wield is a non-official term for having a weapon in each, both hands. This is different from Two Handed weapons like Katars. Only Assassin, Kagerou, and Oboro classes can dual wield.
For terminology, right (main) hand and left (off) hand will follow in game Equip window's slots:

Equip Window (Naked).png Equip Window (Dual Wielding).png


For switching weapons:

  • If a one-handed weapon is in the right hand and nothing is in the left hand, then the next one-handed weapon equipped goes onto the left hand.
    Otherwise, switching to another one-handed weapon (whether a katar or shield is equipped) will always replace the right hand.

Magic Skills

MATK from both right and lefthanded weapons, along with their refinement bonuses, stack & affect magic skills cast.

  • Example: Two +7 13011.png Asura equipped gives a total of (50 x 2) + (14 x 2) = 128 MATK

Physical Skills

A lot from left hand weapon is not factored in when using physical damage type skills, like Meteor Assault.
Below are picture examples of a left hand weapon. Green box part works, while red line does not work.

Left Hand Weapon Working Properties Example-Marked.png Left Hand Weapon Working Properties Example 2-Marked.png

No Effect

Has Effect

  • Description that gives extra stats and ATK from left hand (and right) are factored in.
  • Line options and enchants are factored in.
  • Cards from left hand (and right) are factored in.

Physical Auto Attacks

Everything from right and left hand weapons affect auto attacks.