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About Juno


Juno is the floating city, high in the clouds. It is also the location of the Sage Headquarters.
To go here on iRO, visit Keiki in Prontera or Aperture in Eden.


The capital of Republic of Schwartzvald. Located in the air above El Mes Plateau, Juno is a floating city with three islands – the glorious island Solomon, island of intelligence Sonotora, island of prosperity Mineta. The `Heart of Ymir` is what allows this land to exist. Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. Juno is called the `City of the Wise One` for this reason. Juno is located above the El Mes Plateau, which is north of Al De Baran. Currently, the airship which used to provide transportation between Izlude and Juno is operating, so adventurers that wish to go to this land no longer have to climb through the rough land of the El Mes Plateau.


Quests added with the Juno update can be found here.


  • Note: This image is somewhat outdated, as there is now an airport in the middle of the left side, and an Office building at the top center part.

Juno guide.jpg



  • 1 - Armory (118,136)
  • 2 - Biology-Engineering Institute (283,365)
  • 3 - Bookstore (264,88)
  • 4 - Doctor's House (245,146)
  • 5 - House #1 (49,151)
  • 6 - House #2 (196,87)
  • 7 - Inn (49,105)
  • 8 - Library (341,203)
  • 9 - Magic Academy (323,283)
  • 10 - Monster Museum (278,292)
  • 11 - Office (94,181)
  • 12 - Research Lab (218,175)
  • 13 - Sage Castle (88,320)
  • 14 - Tool Shop (195,139)


  • Billboard (153,113) - Gives background information on Juno



Juno Guide - Ms. Yoon (153,47)
Show in minimap: Armory, Tool Shop, Sage Castle, Street of Book Stores, Juphero Plaza, Library of the Republic, Schwicherbil Magic ;Academy, Monster Museum
Kafra Employee (152,187)
Kafra Employee (327,108)
Kafra Employee (277,221)
Save, Kafra storage (40z), Teleport service, Rent Cart, Reserve points
Lamberta (Armory)
Upgrading NPC
Dilemma (Armory)
Level 1/2 metal NPC
Delight (Armory)
Level 3/4 metal NPC
Repairman (Armory)
Repair NPC
Missing NPCs

Store NPCs

Magic Dealer (163,187)
Blue Gemstone, Rod, Wand, Staff, Arc Wand, Circlet, Silk Robe, Silver Robe
Outlet (205,103)
Novice Breastplate, Legion Plate Armor, Greaves, Turban, Gemmed Sallet, Repeating Crossbow
Pet Merchant (197,114)
Pet Food, Pet Incubator, Backpack, Rocker Glasses
Tool Dealer (226,107)
Scell, Garlet, Zargon
Tool Dealer (218,97)
Arrow, Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing
Armor Dealer (Armory)
Novice Armlet, Guard, Mirror Shield, Sandals, Hood, Gemmed Sallet, Cotton Shirts, Jacket, Adventurer's Suit, Silk Robe, Silver Robe
Tool Dealer (Tool Shop)
Arrow, Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing
Weapon Dealer (Armory)
Arrow, Silver Arrow, Sword, Bow, Knife, Cutter, Main Gauche, Dirk, Dagger, Stiletto, Rod, Wand, Staff, Arc Wand
Chef Assistant (130,173)
Cooking Oil, Pot

Trade NPCs

Old Blacksmith - Skillful Looking Artisan (241,52)
Angel Wing Ears for 1 Angel Wing, 1 Elven Ears, 20,000 Zeny
Evil Wing Ears for 1 Evil Wing, 1 Elven Ears, 20,000 Zeny
Zhenbolt (300,188)
Burning Blood Bandana for 300 Red Muffler, 300 Burning Heart, 1 Bandana, 1 White Hairstuffs
Nehrish (Monster Museum)
Decorative Golden Bell for 1 Golden Bell, 1 Emperium, 3 Gold, 20,000 Zeny
Crown of Ancient Queen for 1 Queen's Hair Ornament, 1 Emperium, 3 Gold, 20,000 Zeny
Crown of Mistress for 1 Coronet, 1 Emperium, 3 Gold, 40,000 Zeny

Quest NPCs

Active little girl - Hisa (208,164)
Bain (Pub & Inn)
Bajin (Pub & Inn)
Alchemist Item Gathering
Doctor - ??? (Doctor's House)
Manager - Cukure (Research Lab)
Seal of Sleipnir
Noyee (164,200)
Seal of Sleipnir
Staff of the Academy - Metheus Sylphe (Magic Academy)
Sage job change NPC
Practical Examination P - Hermes Tris (Magic Academy)
Claytos Verdo (Magic Academy)
Saphien Layless (Magic Academy)
Lucius Celsus (Monster Museum)
Aebecee George (Biology-Engineering Institute)
Dean of the Academy - Kayron Grik (Sage Castle)
Sage job change quest
Wagan (Tool Shop)
Metto (Monster Museum)
Stangckle (House #1)
Kato (Inn)
CiCi (Magic Academy)
Part of Stop Metto's Research
Old Man - Sketzi Bundin (Bookstore)
Luke's Songs Vol.1 (Bookstore)
Battle Songs (Bookstore)
Apple of Idun (Bookstore)
Old Book (Bookstore)
Geffen Bard Quest

Travel NPCs

Kafra Employee (152,187), (327,108) and (277,221)
Enbroch - 2000z
Lighthalzen - 2000z
hugel - 2000z
Rachel - 2000z


Juno Isalei Location.png

Isalei yuno142183 at the center provides warps to different cities for a fee.

  • Non-VIP users can only choose Prontera for 1,800 zeny.
  • VIP users (mini or real) have the choices in the table below:
Isalei VIP Warps
City Name Zeny Cost
Einbroch 2,200
Lighthalzen 2,200
Hugel 2,200
Rachel 2,200
Prontera 600

Other NPCs

  • A Citizen of Juno - Shalima (157,87)
  • Freidrich (184,173)
  • Juno Artisan - Artisan (157,205)
  • Juno Despot - Ninno (343,68)
  • Juno Fighter - Sergiof (328,239)
  • Juno Granny - Granny (337,227)
  • Juno Sage - Le Morpheus (165,111)
  • Juno Soldier (334,182)
  • Juno Soldier (150,228)
  • Juno Soldier (165,228)
  • Juno Soldier (263,320)
  • Juno Soldier (227,292)
  • Juno Soldier (150,283)
  • Juno Soldier (165,283)
  • Sage Esklah - Esklah (163,328)
  • Sage Syklah - Syklah (305,207)
  • Sage Yklah - Yklah (261,99)
  • Adventurer - Energetic Young Man (Office)
  • Book of Ymir (Sage Castle)
  • Heart of Ymir (Sage Castle)
  • Metheus Sylphe (Sage Castle)
  • Museum Guide - Cenia (Monster Museum, south room)
  • Representative - Marlin Putiur (Office)
  • Studying Scholar (Office)
  • Auction Hall Guide (129,116)


Monster Museum

Monster listing for the monsters on display in the Monster Museum. To look at the monsters, click the base of the plaque in front of the tube. Each monster will talk about itself.

South Room

  • Alice
  • Assulter
  • Chepet
  • Deviace
  • Galapago
  • Penomena
  • Raydric
  • Sage Worm
  • Seal
  • Violy

North Room

  • Ancient Mummy
  • Arclouze
  • Blazzer
  • Caterpillar
  • Dragon Tail
  • Geographer
  • Incubus
  • Male Thiefbug
  • Mandragora
  • Marine Sphere
  • Megalodon
  • Owl Duke
  • Rafflesia
  • Ride Word
  • Sleeper
  • Stem Worm
  • Succubus
  • Tri Joint
  • Wanderer


Magma Dungeon

Magma Dungeon, also known as Nogg Road, is located one south and one east of Juno. The name of the dungeon suggest that mostly Fire Property monsters house the area. The third floor have a level 175 requirement to enter.

Juperos Ruins

Underneath El Mes Plateau lies the ruins of the city of Juperos , an ancient but highly advanced civilization. Juperos is well protected by automated guards and security devices to prevent unauthorized entry to prohibited areas. Although many of Juno's Scholars have their own speculations on the cause of the fall of such a technologically advanced race, no one is really sure what went wrong. One of the most popular theories is that Vesper Newton, a mad scientist conducting experiments with the famed Heart of Ymir has something to do with it.