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Alchemist Job Change Guide

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Alchemist Job Change Guide
Base Level: None
Job Level: 40
Job Class: Merchant
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Alcohol, 1 Detrimindexta, 1 Karvodailnirol
Zeny: 50,000 Zeny
Item(s): Potion Manual (Varies), Random Ore
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Alchemist


1. Proceed to Al De Baran. The building in the southwest corner is the Alchemist Guild. Inside, talk to the Alchemist Guildsman (/navi alde_alche 27/185) to sign up to become an Alchemist. She will ask you for 50,000 Zeny and one of the following:

Set 1
657.png 7 Berserk Potions (Comodo Item Shop)
1752.png 7500 Fire Arrows (Sunken Ship Dungeon Tool Dealer)
612.png 100 Mini Furnaces (Einbroch or Geffen (Christopher) Blacksmith Guild)
Set 2
1005.png 1 Hammer of Blacksmith
1006.png 1 Old Magicbook

2. Once the player has finished registering, go downstairs to a star-shaped room. Head towards the second room on the right side wall to talk with Fastidious Alchemist, Rasputchin Gregory.

Math Exam

3. Fastidious Alchemist, Rasputchin Gregory (/navi alde_alche 175/107) will discuss ill-prepared Alchemists and then give a math oriented exam.

  • This exam consists of:
    • two (2) addition-subtraction questions
    • three (3) multiplication-division questions
    • two (2) questions pertaining to discount-overcharge, and
    • three (3) questions about the DEF and weight of certain items and armors.
  • The player will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to proceed.
  • Bypassing: If the player has Job 50, they can skip this part of the exam. Go straight to Step 4 .


Set A
Question Answer
13+25+37+48 123
1,000-36-227-348 389
12*24*3 864
10,530/3/5/2 351
(35*19) - (1,792/7) 409
(2,368/8) + (24*17) 704
Set B
Question Answer
12+23+34+45 114
1,000-58-214-416 312
14*17*3 714
9765/3/5/7 93
(47*28) - (1376/4) 972
(2,646/7) + (13*28) 742

Discount Questions

Question Answer
Red Potion (12), Fly Wing (5) Butterfly Wing (1) 909 z
Red Potion (6), Green Potion (7) Fly Wing (8) 798 z
Green Potion (15), Magnifier (6), Trap (4) 934 z

Weight Questions

Question Answer
3 Ring Pommel Sabers, 4 Caps, 2 Boots 550
2 Ring Pommel Sabers, 3 Caps, 3 Boots 480
3 Scimitars, 2 Helms, Coat 450

Defense Questions

Question Answer
Buckler, Coat, Gas Mask, Big Ribbon, Cute Ribbon, Sakkat, Glasses 16
Biretta, Mantle, Opera Mask, Ribbon, Muffler, Boots, Ear Muffs 20
Mirror Shield, Mr. Smile, Leather Jacket, Silk Robe, Wedding Veil, Muffler, Eye Patch 12

Profit Questions

  • 5 Helms
    Standard price = 44,000z
    24% discount = 33,440z
    20% discount selling price = 35,200z
    Profit (35,200-33,440)*5 = 8,800z
  • 4 Padded Armor
    Standard price = 48,000z
    24% discount = 36,480z
    20% discount selling price = 38,400
    Profit (38,400-36,480)*4 = 7,680z
  • 3 Tights
    Standard price = 71,000
    24% discount = 53,960
    20% discount selling price = 56,800
    Profit (56,800-53,960)*3 = 8,520

Potion Creation

4. After passing the quiz, head to the next room, South and talk with Studying Man, Darwin (/navi alde_alche 13/15). He will explain the basics for creating potions.

  • Bypassing: Giving an 'Illusion Flower' to Darwin (by first selecting the flower option when initially speaking to him) will send the player directly to the final NPC (Step 15) in honor of the bribe.

The player will need the following items for this part:

He will then ask questions regarding potion creation after he explains the process. If you failed ths part you need to repeat the process again.

Mixture and Counteragent

5. Move to the next room to meet with Experiment Expert, Van Helmont (/navi alde_alche 79/19).

  • Note: It is not actually required that the player make Counteragents or Mixtures, the player just needs these items to do this part of the quest:

  1. With Detrimindexta, Karvodailnirol and Alcohol in the inventory, go to Alberta. Enter the Manor near the top of the map (/navi alberta 93/202), and head to the second floor. Speak to Louitz (/navi alberta_in 130/54), found in the last room upstairs by the bookshelf. He will mention "Morgenstein".
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest Louitz.jpg
  2. Head to Geffen, and talk with Aure Dupon (/navi geffen 181/114), located to the left of the east Kafra. He'll also refer to Morgenstein.
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest AureDupon.jpg
  3. Enter the former Blacksmith Guild and head upstairs. Talk to Morgenstein (/navi geffen_in 141/140) at the third floor. After talking twice, he will offer to make a Counteragent or Mixture.
    Counteragent and Mixture Quest Morgenstein.jpg

9. Head back to Al de Baran to talk with Van Helmont. He'll ask the player two questions pertaining what was just learned from the Dye quest. For reference:

Dye Quest
Counteragent Detrimindextra (1) + Alcohol (1)
Mixture Karvodailnirol (1) + Alcohol (1)

Puzzle Quiz

10. In the next room Chief Researcher, Nicholas Flamel (/navi alde_alche 145/19) will give simple word puzzles which include unscrambling names and items in Ragnarok and other word related puzzles.

Set 1
Scramble word Answer
m p d i c f a r o g n k w a s packman
g b n o p r e f a r e t a s k ragnarok
u g n i s j e k c e o g n d p opening
r o e h n r o m c a i n p t t potionmerchant
Set 2
Scramble word Answer
t m y a n y e o b n e g p r i brigan
o n c u t a p j l e r s v m u vendor
t v a r m e g p h e u b o y l party
q z a h n a i n b r d p t n c partizan
Set 3
Scramble word Answer
s m i e x b w u n e t a g i r tiger
n i e g b o p d s o a u w r v endure
l r m g r e x t a v i n e d e evergreen
r o e h n r o m c a i n p t t potionmerchant

11. Once finished, talk to him again and he will give the following items which are needed for the following part of the quest.


12. Nicholas will tell the player to go meet Bajin (/navi yuno_in01 100/153) and Bain (/navi yuno_in01 100/157) in Juno.

Before heading out, make sure to have the following items along with the items from Nicholas:

13. Head to Juno, and enter the building in the South-Western area (/navi yuno 52/105). Go upstairs to find two brothers. Give them all the items and they will attempt to make Gold. This experiment fails most of the time and the player will receive a variety of items from iron ores to gold depending on luck.


14. After the experiment is complete, head back to Al De Baran and talk with Chief Researcher, Nicholas Flamel again. He will tell you to go upstairs.

Job change

15. Head to the second floor of the Alchemist guild and talk to Master Alchemist with rainbow colored hair to change jobs.

  • If the player is Job 50, he/she will receive a Condensed Potion Creation Guide (240,000z).
  • If he/she chooses to change to Alchemist at any level lower than 50, he/she will receive a random potion manual which are 100,000z each and sold by the male Alchemist on the ground floor.

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