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Summon Flora

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Summon Flora.png Summon Flora
Summon Flora Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 20
Target: Ground
(Alchemist) Prepare Potion Lv. 6


Summon a plant monster to a targeted cell. The plant monster will disappear after the skill's duration. Skill level affects the type of plant monster that is summoned, as well as the monster's Max HP. The caster can only summon monsters of the same type at once. At lower skill levels more monsters can be summoned at one time than at higher skill levels. Skill level 5 can only summon one monster.

Skill Level Monster Type Maximum Number of Summonable Monsters Duration
1 Mandragora 5 300 seconds
2 Hydra 4 240 seconds
3 Flora 3 180 seconds
4 Parasite 2 120 seconds
5 Geographer 1 60 seconds


  • Monsters will not attack these plants.
  • These plants will not attack players in PvM.
  • These plants can be attacked by players, so it is generally not a good idea to use them in highly bot-infested maps.
  • Each attack by these plants is considered as an attack done by the summoner and will trigger auto casted skills and other effects that activate on attacking.
  • The previous statement means that if a monster is attacked by a plant,it will become aggressive towards the summoner.
  • The geographer summoned at level 5 casts Heal every 5 seconds on nearby players whose health is below a certain percentage and heals for 850~900 health.
  • The geographer is also capable of healing dead and undead element players.