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Mind Breaker

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Mind Breaker.png Mind Breaker
Mind Breaker Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
SP Cost: (9 + (Skill Level*3))
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: (0.7 + (Skill Level*0.1)) seconds
Duration: 30 seconds
Target: Foe
Range: 9 cells cells
(Mage) Increase SP Recovery Lv. 3, (Scholar) Soul Siphon Lv. 2


Grants a chance to disrupt the enemy's mental balance. When successful, this will decrease the enemy's Soft MDEF but will also increase its MATK. Similar to the Provoke status, the enemy will also target the caster. Does not affect Boss or Undead monsters.

Level MATK increase Soft MDEF decrease Success chance Cast delay SP Cost
1 20 12 60 0.8 12
2 40 24 65 0.9 15
3 60 36 70 1.0 18
4 80 48 72 1.1 21
5 100 60 80 1.2 24

Tips and Tricks

Because this skill only reduces Soft MDEF, the damage increase when using Magic against the target is not notable. For this reason, most players use it as a Supportive skill by leaving their guild/party to cast on Wizards, doubling their damage. This is risky however, since the Scholar will be unsupported and can be attacked by their own 'allies'.

Unaffected Skills